Гидротермальный Изумрудный драгоценный камень Biron колумбийский изумруд круглая


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Product Description

Biron® Lab-grown Emerald, Colombian colour
Biron® emerald gemstone can be see-through clear or with inclusions of various degree, no treatment is required. Biron® ensures a steady supply of untreated emeralds with consistent quality.

Biron emerald gemstone, from 0.02ct up to 50 carats, from inclusion-rich to see-through clear, follow a standard price computing system. This reasonable pricing process make budget forecasting possible. Biron® emerald gemston generally only cost about one-tenth of natural emerald gemstone.

Biron® emerald gemstone can be cut in a wide variety of shapes that are almost impossible for mined emerald gemstone. Apart from the regular “emerald cut”, we also offer marquise, oval, round, trillion, pear, heart, square, antique-cushion, cabochon and other tailor-made designs. Lab-grown emerald gemstone are more rigid and setters can work with them with less worry and lower breakage loss.

Biron emerald gemstone therefore provides a vast “made to order” opportunity at a fraction of time and cost.

Customized shapes and cuttings are available on order basis.

Round Shape: This cut is the most efficient in capturing a stone’s brilliance and sparkle.

Product Description
Product Description
Product Name
Biron® Lab-grown Emerald
Gemstone Type
Mohs' hardness
Crystal System
Chemical Composition
Al2Be3Si6O18 aluminum berylium silicate
Refractive Index
Double Refraction

Production Flow

Each of our products are skillfully cut and polished by many processes to ensure all products produced are with high quality.
Our team offers various shape, cuts and size and your own designs are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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