Горячая Распродажа пластиковый держатель/футляр для лучшего качества вакуумная упаковка MISWAK/SEWAK/SIWAK/натуральная палочка


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Product Description

Miswak Stick Description.

Miswak Stick Description:
1-We have different type of miswak holders available in different materials like Plastic, Glass, and Wood.
2- We offer 1 year freshness guarantee for Miswak Stick if store under 20'c.
3- Provide bacteria free verification/lab test report from PCSIR.
4- Miswak Stick is hygienically processed and vacuum sealed.
5- To maintain quality and carrying purpose we provide Plastic, Glass and wood Miswak Holder and offer customize engraving or printing for branding.
Note: If you find even 1 bad quality piece we shall give Free Replacement.

Product Name
High Quality 
Miswak Stick 
Plastic Holder
Product code
Brand Name
Teeth Cleaning/Whitening
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Q1: Where is your Company from?
Our company is from Pakistan.
Q2: Are you a Manufacturer or Trader?
We are a proper registered manufacturing and trading company, having chamber of commerce membership and National Tax Registration number.
Q3: What is differentiation point of your Miswak Stick ?
Our Miswak stick has following characteristics:

we offer free replacement warranty if you find even 1 bad quality piece and

we also offer replacement for any genuine damage during shipment.
Always provide100% fresh Miswak Stick, Mostly order based processing is take place.
Natural Golden color
All miswak would be Almost Straight
No bad smell because of 100% freshness.
For Good quality thickness is 8mm to 12mm

For Premium quality thickness is 9mm to 12mm
Length is 15cm to 20cm long or 6inch and 8inch both size are available.
Vacuum Packed in transparent white seal so that customer can check miswak quality easily.
We provide our brand and as well customize premium packaging.
No damages or cut on Miswak Stick

No broken Pieces and no quality Mixing.
Our Miswak Sticks are approved by (Pakistan Council of Science and Industrial Research) Institution.
Q4: Usually Miswak Stick do not stay fresh for more than 3 month, how about yours?
Our Miswak Stick can stay fresh for more than years, if you keep save from high temperature and direct sunlight and recommended temperature is below 20"c.
Q5: Do you offer any warranty?
Yes we offer free replacement warranty if you find even 1 bad quality Miswak Stick.
Q6: Can we imprint our logo on Miswak Stick?
Yes, definitely we can print your logo on products.
Q7: Do you offer customize packaging?
Yes we already doing customize packing for many brands and can do for you too.
Q8: Can you send us free sample? And How long will it take to arrive?
Yes we can send free sample, it will arrive within 5 working days.
Q9: What is production lead time?
It depends on your order quantity.
Q10: what is your production capacity?
We can produce 10k/day.
Q11: Do you have any certification for your items?
Yes we can provide PCSIR and any certificate on demand.
Q12:What is your payment terms?
We need 100% advance payment, and accept Western Union, Money Gram, World remit, TT, DD etc
Note: any other question/Query can be asked on given contact details.

Mobile/WhatsApp 00923225757677

Email: mtahir85@hotmail.com

Website: www.trueblue.pk

Order Processing

Packaging & Delivery

Miswak Stick Packaging & Delivery Process:

We have special packing process goes as follows:
1- Miswak stick is Hygienically processed and vacuum packed into transparent seal so that customer can see the quality of Miswak.
2- Miswak is put into Miswak Holder
3- Miswak Holder is again sealed
4- Miswak Holder is placed in customize printed box
5- Customize box is labeled and sealed
6- About 50 boxes are packed into export carton.
7- Export carton is wrapped properly and shipped to required destination country.

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