[Товары оптом] Брендовое полотенце hiосака Senshu 100% хлопок классическое мягкое твист-нить маленькое банное 40*100 см 450


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HIORIE is a Japanese towel brand; all our products are made in Japan.
We manufacture Senshu towels in our own factory.
We also sell Imabari Towels, blankets and baby items under the brand that we source from trusted partners.

HIORIE started as a brand online in 2007.
We are the topselling towel brand in Japan on marketplaces including Rakuten, Yahoo! And Amazon.
We have recently opened a physical store in the centre of Osaka and continue to expand our sales reach overseas.

Overseas Sales
We have been working with our official distributor in Taiwan and selling online since 2016.
Sales have increased year on year and we are now the top-selling Japanese Towel brand in Taiwan.
We are open to work with overseas distributors globally in any location, except Taiwan where we already have an official distributor.

Sales in Amazon.com
We have started to sell HIORIE products in Amazon.com since 2020.

Awards in Japan

We are pleased to have won the “Best Shop Award” in the Daily Goods category numerous times on the various online platforms we sell on in Japan.

* Rakuten: Won 10 times since 2009
* Yahoo!: Won 3 times since 2016
* Amazon: Won in 2017
* au Wowma!: Won in 2018

Company Profile

About Us
We are a towel manufacturer established over 60 years ago. We are based in Osaka, the birthplace of the Japanese towel.
We launched our own brand Hiorie (pronounced “hih-o-ri-eh”) in 2007.
We have over 10 years of experience selling our products online, both directly from our own website and other third party platforms.

Recommend Products

Osaka Senshu Towel
‣ Made in our factory in Osaka, Japan
‣ ISO9001 Certificated Factory
‣ Well absorption
‣ Reasonable Price

Imabari Brand Towel
‣ Most popular towel brand in Japan
‣ 5 Star quality
‣ Made in Imabari district in Japan
‣ Used with High Class Yarn
Multi-layered gauze Blanket
‣ 100% Cotton
‣ Fluffy and Special touch
‣ Useful for all season
‣ Machine Washable

Bathrobes and Sleep wear
‣ 100% Cotton
‣ Reasonable Price
‣ Durable and Well absorption
‣ Accept OEM order from small quantity
Cotton Gauze Scarf
‣ 100% Cotton
‣ Soft Touch
‣ Customize your original colors
‣ Accept OEM order
Baby Goods
‣ 100% Cotton
‣ Multi-layered Gauze Goods
‣ Cute and Attractive design
‣ Made in Japan

Package and Delivery

Usual Package for each items
Packaged with plastic bag and attach product label.
As packing way is negotiable, please tell me your expecting packing.

Carton boxes
Packaged in high-strength cardboard boxes.
As there are several size of carton boxes, we will use good size boxes for a order.

Sample : Sending within 3 days if we have a stock.
Delivery way : Japan Post, EMS, YAMATO, DHL or SFexpress.

We accept T/T or Paypal.

If you want Customize Products

Contact us

marunaka Co.,Ltd.

Address : 1943, Kaminogo, Izumisano-city, Osaka, Japan

Staff : Yuya Nakamichi

Website : https://www.marunaka1959.co.jp

Online Store : http://www.hiorie.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hiorie.home/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hiorietowel/

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