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Welcome to Fabrizio, where our fashion brand combines the essence of British style with the transformative power of flattering stripes. Our designers skillfully mix and match colors and styles, creating a captivating blend of regularity and irregularity. With a nod to classic British fashion, our collection exudes a vibrant and sophisticated image, embracing both elegance and boldness.


But that's not all! We understand the impact that stripes can have on your silhouette. That's why our meticulously tailored striped designs are crafted to flatter, making the person wearing look and feel the best. Discover the beauty of British style and experience the confidence that comes from wearing our collection.



Our Products

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These beautiful styles are currently being distributed in domestic markets across Asia.

We are looking to expand our distribution network globally and are willing to offer them at very low prices through our direct-to-shelf package. Our collection includes various styles for women, kids, and pets, available in a range of sizes and colors.


We invite potential retailers worldwide to explore the opportunity to stock Fabrizio styles and cater to your customers' preferences.


Our Services



You can mix and match as many styles and pieces as you want. Each style has multiple colors, you can contact us for more pictures of colors.


Various styles across sizes & colors


Direct-to-Shelf PackageV003-2_04

All garments come with complete packaging and hang tags, ready to be displayed and sold.

Each piece of clothing is individually packaged, including plastic bags and paper.

We will ship within 3 working days after receiving the payment. If you have any questions about shipping costs, logistics methods, shipping days, etc., please Contact Supplier


Fast ShippingV003-2_07


Competitive Pricing & Profit MarginsV003-2_09

We offer exclusive pricing starting from 90% off for our distributors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your inventory and increase your profits.



We've prepared high-quality pictures of all our products. You only need to buy our products, then you will get our Photography Release Form, and you can download the images on our official website, edit, and commercially use them.



Strong Marketing SupportV003-2_13


Low MOQV003-2_15

 The MOQ is 1 carton, as this allows you to save on shipping costs and provides the best cost-effectiveness for the entire order.

Women's clothing: 24 pc/box

Girls' clothing: 36 pc/box

Pets' clothing: 48 pc/box







Strong Marketing Support



We understand that marketing and cost savings are crucial to your business. You don't want to spend much time and money taking photos of your products, but you need high-quality images quickly to showcase your products online.

That's why we've got you covered. We've invested US$40,000 to produce a vast collection of commercial photos for every clothing style. As our valued customer, you can access these photos for free by purchasing our products and obtaining our Photography Release Form, and accessing our official website to download the images for editing and commercial use.

With our product images, you can save time and money while showcasing your products in the best light possible.



download images from the official website


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— Photography Demo —


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Profit Margins


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As a clothing store owner, we understand that profit margins are essential to your business. Our clothing has an average consumer sales price of NT$1,100, or approximately US$35.99. By purchasing our products at an average cost of $2.99, you have the opportunity to earn a tenfold profit margin.

We stand behind the quality of our clothing, which is designed with both style and durability in mind. By offering our products in your store, you can provide your customers with trendy and high-quality clothing while also boosting your profit margin.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your inventory and increase your profits. Order our clothing today and experience the benefits of selling our products in your store.





Contact Us


Website: www.fanterco.com.tw

E-mail: hello@ fanterco.com.tw

Skype: fanterco

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/fanterco

Tel: +886 2 2715 2508 ext. 10



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