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Experienced Supplier of Highest Grade 100% Natural Fenugreek / Methi Seed Powder at Best Market Price


Fenugreek, being botanically called as Trigonella foenum-graecum is also known as “Methi” in Hindi. Fenugreek is an edible seed and hence its isolated gum is the latest addition to the list of galactomannan gums. Fenugreek is an annual crop, mainly cultivated in India. Fenugreek gums was not used in industries till 1990 but after that fenugreek had dual use by removing the spice and other components and separate the unique galactomannan which is also known as fenugreek gum powder to be used in the industries. Currently fenugreek gum is having high demand as it is having considerable amount of applications in industries. Fenugreek being an annual legume plant, is native to the Mediterranean region but is also grown in Middle East, Asia and Africa. India is an important exporter of Fenugreek seeds. Moreover, in India fenugreek is used as a spice as well as in medicines also.



  • The fenugreek gum powder is tasteless and odourless. It contains galactomannan which is a polysaccharide made of galactose combined with mannan, high molecular compound of mannose. Galactomannan has the property of viscosity which can convert milk into ice cream, cocoa into chocolate and when dissolved in water it forms gum.


  • The ratio of galactose to mannose for fenugreek is 1:1 when compared to guar gum and locust bean gum having ratio of 1:2 and 1:4 respectively, it can be found that fenugreek gum powder contains more galactose and so has superior solubility as well as dispersiveness which results to forming of stable colloid for a longer period of time. As Mannan is hydrophobic, it is completely insoluble in water. But, as fenugreek gum powder is the combination of galactose which is hydrophilic and mannan which is hydrophobic, fenugreek gum is surface active.


  • It means that fenugreek gum powder is an emulsifier which can mix water and oil. Thus, fenugreek gum works as a gum and an emulsifier both which has enabled its use as a stabilizer for food. Compared to other conventional gums like guar gum and locust bean gum, fenugreek gum has superior characteristics and so is used in many industries.



  • Due to the presence of galactomannan in high proportion as the major component, in fenugreek gum powder, it has the quality of controlling blood sugar and blood lipid. So, it is considered very good for obesity and diabetic patients. Fenugreek gum powder also helps in reducing cholesterol, hypertension and chance of heart attack. Fenugreek gum powder also has the distinctive properties due to which the level of sugar in the blood can be lowered. Due to so many medicinal properties, fenugreek gum powder is used in tablet and capsules. It is also used in weight control formulation and other diet food.

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The company originated in the year 1982 Located in Gujarat in the city of Ahmedabad the company was named as Altrafine Gums. We as a company are always on the move to emerge as pioneers compared to the industries in a similar line of business. From the heritage of seeds business, we have expanded our horizons in the business of Guar Gum, Guar Gum Powder and many such other products since a long time.



Altrafine Gums present a product that must supremely contend with existing additives, thickeners and synthetic substitutes that proliferate a highly competitive market.


It has state-of-the-Art infrastructure to produce eminent products, having an optimum quality.


The company’s aggressive professionals are restless and determined to endeavor new technology, thriving to reach to the crest of producing quality products.


Consumer-centric organization possesses a drive to satisfy prospective clients from diverse industries. We deliver products to an entire array of industries relentlessly, with uncompromising control on quality parameters and prompt services.


Our Manufacturing Process and Its Specifications :

  • CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Procedures) and SSOP (Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures) assured standards.

  • Packaging is done as per the requirement of our clients.

  • Guar Gum products are modified as per the industry requirement.

  • We receive raw materials which are picked from the suppliers who have perfect soil conditions at their farms.

  • Our products are processed in diverse departments having divided areas for manufacturing, grade determination, finished goods, storage and packaging.

  • We analyze and determine quality grades at each processing stage of Guar Gum and related products.

  • Our professional team is regularly updated identifying new applications in the industries for Guar Gum and other related products.

  • High transport network chains.




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