Индивидуальный оконный кабель с антенной разъемом SMA N или UHF плоский коаксиальный коннекторы


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Outdoor flat coaxial cable waterproof SM male to RP SM female connector helium mining machine antenna cable door and window cable Adapter Cable For Window Door Feed Through Window Cable For Helium Miner Antenna 
Line type
RG1.37 connection line
Inner conductor of the cable
Silver-plated copper wire
Cable outer conductor
Silver-plated copper wire and single-layer braid
Dielectric strength
Insulation resistance
Rated capacitance
Characteristic impedance
1.5±0.2 mm
Insertion Loss
0.6 dB
Length / Connector Type /Logo/ Other

* Flat, bendable flat coaxial extension cable used to pass through window and door frames. A great drill-free solution.
* Bridge the signal from outside into the home easily, suitable for RP-SMA Type Helium HNT Hotspot Miner, Lora LoraWAN Gateway Hotspot Module, Wifi Antenna
*All needed is to place cable in between Window or Door and close it.
*No more Drilling in host places and still place Antenna outside to get max rewards..
*Window /Door pass through cable for LORA Applications
*Works with All Helium Hotspots
*Designed for all Helium compatible Hotspots RAK Bobcat Sensecap Nebra Linxdot MNTD Helium Hotspot HNT Mining Miner

* Package included: 1* flat cable

Flat cable RG1.37 connecting line Flexible flat coaxial cable
Outdoor waterproof low-loss coaxial cable flat coaxial cable SM female to SM male antenna door and window cable
OEM Custom PVC Black 20cm 40cm 50cm Flexible Antenna Window Cable SMA Female
Rubber flat cable RG1.37 external flexible internet cable flat
Bulk Customised Micro Sterling Silver Thin Flat Coax RF Extension Cable RP SMA Connector
RG1.37 coaxial flat cable rubber flexible for external cables
LoRa Flat Coaxial Jumper Cable N Female Antenna Extension Cable Through Windows and Doors Compatible with Any Helium Miner
Small Lora Helium Mini Low Loss Flex Connector Flex Flat Noodle Coaxial Jumper HTN 1.00MM Cable Manufacturer

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