Окрашенная Лаковая коробка лакированные подарочные коробки для ювелирных колец цены с подкладкой из кожи и


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Lacquer Box
These beautifully unique Lacquer Boxes are one of a kind find that you can keep your most prized possessions, jewelry and trinkets in! Each design was hand-painted and some most styles feature a textured element. All boxes are handmade in Vietnam by our amazingly talented artists. Each box has a red velvet interior lining & mirror on the inside of the lid of the jewelry box, plus a shiny and smooth lacquer finished exterior.
- Vertical Orientation Design: A woman in a traditional Áo Dài dress, standing among flowers & includes a textured rough-to-the-touch design on the tree branch behind her.
- Horizontal Orientation Designs: A scenic view of fishermen/buffalo riders around a body of water with some textured details on the village house roofs.

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ECO FARMIE EXPORT CO., LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of home decor products from Vietnam, providing customers with a wide range of products made from natural materials. Our products are all made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials following our commitments to global sustainable developments.

Besides, we always ensure that our factories are meeting the global initiatives to provide ethical work environment to our employees and artisans. Our company values are based on Trust, Transparency, Quality, and Effectiveness. If you share these common values, we are happy to welcome an opportunity to work with you to provide high-quality handicraft products to your customers.



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