Горелка для кемпинга горелка приготовления древесины из нержавеющей стали пешего туризма путешествий


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Mini Portable Camp Stove Wood Burning Stove Cooking Firewood Burner Outdoor Stainless Steel Camping Backpacking Hiking Travel

1 This stove is made of high quality stainless steel, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance and durability.
2 This portable stove is superior in quality, making ordinary burning flame into radial heat energy and heating more quickly.
3 Farewell the heavy, expensive and heavily polluted gasoline fuel, the stove uses easily accessible wood as fuel and is designed to be lightweight, environmentally friendly and portable.
4 The stove's fuel can also be made from solidified ethanol flakes or other solid fuels that can be used instead of wood in rainy weather.
5 This stove can be used in a wide range of outdoor camping, hiking, tourism, can be used to be warming product or barbecue, can also be used indoors as a barbecue tool.
Usage Condition:Indoor,Outdoor
Material:Stainless steel
Type:Wood Stove
Package included:
1x stainless steel camping stove+Heating cover + anti-scalding handle + PP bag + white box


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