NQK.SF высокое качество металлическое масляное уплотнение типы DKB GA PTFE TA TB металлический корпус


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crankshaft oil seal
NQK.SF High Quality China manufactory for more then 30 years.

main product: crankshaft rear oil seal , engine oil seal, nbr rubber oil seal, TC oil seal, TG oil seal, valve oil seal, engine oil seal, toyota oil seals, bearing oil seal, automotive oil seals, etc. 

Design Attributes
* Oil and grease seals supplied by NQK.SF feature precision sealing designs that are matched to many original equipment or aftermarket applications
* The seals help ensure consistent and reliable performance

Right elevation
Left elevation
Front elevation


Main Products
 crankshaft rear oil seal , engine oil seal, nbr rubber oil seal, TC oil seal, TG oil seal, valve oil seal, engine oil seal,
toyota oil seals, bearing oil seal, automotive oil seals, etc.
Industry, motorcycle, automobile, machines,truck, tractors, valves, etc.
Material :
Black, red, brown,blue, green, and so on.
Working Temperature
NBR:-40-+125 °C high tensile, poor weather, etc
FKM:-20-+250 °C excellent weather, limited tensile,etc
VMQ:-60-+225°C excellent weather, poor tensile


Why Choose Us

The strength of our company lies in that we have professional design & developing mold team, high quality laboratory to test material. our material are from japan , our machines are from taiwan. 



Q1. What is the payment term?
A: We accept a T/T 30% deposit and a 70% balance of a current bill of lading or a letter of credit.

Q2. What is the normal delivery time for product orders?
A: The average delivery time of the sample is 1-2 weeks. If the mold production is involved, the delivery cycle of the production
mold is 10 days, and the average production time after the sample is approved is 1-2 weeks.

Q3. What is your standard packaging?
A: All goods will be packed in PE bags and then packed in cartons and filled with trays. Special packaging methods are accepted when needed, but charges may apply.

Q4. Which certificate do you have?
A1: we have passed ISO, still applying for more patents.

Q5: How to check the quality of bulk orders?
A1: Our inspection procedures include, first inspection/patrol inspection/initial inspection/full inspection/shipment inspection.
A2: We provide quality certification to all customers before delivery, such as measurement reports, material data sheets, etc.
A3: We accept third party inspections such as SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, BV, etc.

Q6: How do I choose a raw compound for my application?
A: With years of experience in using a variety of materials, we can help you choose the material that best suits your needs, keeping in mind the cost of materials.

Q7: Can you provide materials of different colors?
A: Yes, we can produce custom molded rubber and silicone rubber products in different colors. Color codes are required when ordering.

Q8: From which side can you produce which materials?
A: NBR, EPDM, silicone, FKM, NEOPRENE (CR), NR, IIR, SBR, ACM, AEM, fluorosilicon (FVMQ), FFKM, liquid silica gel, and the like.

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