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Online Acid-base Concentration/Conductivity Analyzer

The SJG-1914C industrial online acid-base concentration/Conductivity meter is a brand-new online intelligent digital meter independently developed and manufactured by Boqu EIT. It covers the measurement of various solutions like electrical conductivity, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide and dilute/concentrated sulfuric acid.
This instrument communicates with the sensor through RS485 (ModbusRTU), which has the characteristics of rapid communication and accurate data. Complete functions, stable performance, easy operation, low power consumption, safety and reliability are the outstanding advantages of this instrument.
This meter uses matching digital acid-base concentration electrode, which can be widely used in thermal power generation, chemical industry, ion exchange method to produce high-purity water in the process of regenerating liquid concentration, or used to configure boiler pipe pickling liquid, to control the acid-base salt concentration in the solution Continuous monitoring.

Detail show Online Acid-base Concentration/Conductivity Analyzer

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Shanghai Boqu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (EIT) is the biggest factory Of Water Quality Analyzer in Shanghai China EIT build the first High Temp Laboratory in China.and we produce more 600 000 sensors and instruments every years. EIT mainly products includes Online PH Meter/ORP/pH sensor Industrial Conductivity meter/sensor Online Acid/Alkali meter/sensor Online Dissolved oxygen meter/sensor Online Turbidity meter/sensor Online Residual/total chlorine meter/sensor Online Ion meter/sensor Online COD/BOD/Heavy
metals meter Sodium/Silica Analyzer Flow Meter/Level meter/pressure sensor



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