1220x2440 мм Пластиковые каменные деревянные дизайнерские внутренние УФ мраморные настенные


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Product Description


Product name
1220*2440mm Waterproof Uv Printing PVC Marble Sheet for Wall Panel
1220*2440mm, 1220*2800mm, 1220*2900mm, 1220*3000
Marble Grain, Wood Grain, Solid Colour and Customized Colour
Payment term
T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal
2.5mm, 2.8mm,. 3mm, 3.2mm
PE Film Wrapping+Wood Pallet + Corner Protection
Wall Decoration such as restaurant, hotel, supermarket, kitchen, living room
QC inspects the quality during each and every procedure

Feature & Installation

How to Install UV Marble Board ?
1. The bottom layer of the confimation and clean the bottom to be fully dry,so that the bottom level.Remove dirt and rubbish.The bottom layer,please use the gypsum board or the magnesium plate and the surface smooth and waterproof material plate.
2. Marking and Positioning
In accordance with the size of the decoration,the shape of the bottom line,positioning.
3. Double side tape adhesive bonding tape at the tixed position,hard pressed to make its cement.
Usage:the wall is about 3.3/m2 of the ceiling is about 4.3/m2.
4. Adhesive glue
Cut the hose glue bottle mouth,leaving the cigarette weight(about 7mm) the width of the exit,and then squeeze the glue,(tape beside the position in the adhesive glue into a wire bound usage on the wall about 0.5 A/m2 the ceiling about 0.6A/m2.
5. Double sided adhesive tape for the removal of the adhesive tape Stripping,remove the Separation of paper.
6. In 10 minutes after the bonding of the decorative plate,the decoration plate is bonded to the fixed position.The position of the hands to press the tape,to make it fully bonded.Please note that you can not move or re-bond.
7. Maintenace of 1 days during the course of the adhesive glue.


Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Customer Comments

Company Profie


1. Do you have other designs?
Of course, welcome to send us an inquiry or e-mail for Product catalog & Effect pics.

2. If I place the order on Alibaba directly, how to protect our rights after payment?
According to Alibaba Trade Assurance, which can help to 100% protect the quality, on-time shipment and payment, after finishing the order, you can comment to our service & quality on Alibaba.

3. After I place the order on Alibaba, when will the goods be delivered and how long?
By international express, normally 5-10 days after we received your payment.

4. If I want to buy more than 100 square meters, how to operate? How about the price?
In order to lower your cost, we will change the package methods, by sea, wholesale price. Please send us an inquiry for more details.

5. Do you provide OEM service?
Yes, OEM service is available, we have professional design dept., which can allow us to produce UV board as your

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