Дешевая ручная кодер/Портативная струйная кодировочная машина/ручной пакетный Номер


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Product Description

Smart Expiry Date Coder Inkjet Printer
1. 4.3 inch intelligent operation panel, without ribbons character limit, you can directly enter a code on ink date printer.
2. Large capacity to store information, can be sprayed 300,0000 characters.
3. You can spray dot word and graphics: The edited text can direct printing, graphics import by U disk directly Coding.
4. Online or Handheld Using: Plug optical, ink date printer can be used with the pipeline use.
5. adapter to charge, 100 ~ 220V voltage, safe and efficient.
6. When working, the ink date printer machine is muted.

Colorful Touching Screen
Nozzle Type
Character Height Range
Max 24 dot
Printing Lines

Communication Interface
USB, Ethermet and RS232
Single line maximum speed
Up to 285m/min(5*5 font)

Company Profile

FILLEX is a professional filling, packaging, water treatment solution manufacturer from China with ISO9001: 2000 & CE certification who dedicated to manufacture kinds of filling & packaging equipment & water treatment system for beverage & food field. Built in 2006, Fillex has 4000 square meters modern standard workshop & 40 professional workers, integrate the R&D department, manufacturing department, technical services department and marketing department together, provide the reliable filling system & water treatment system worldwide. Fillex Manufacture & Provide below filling & treatment system--PET Bottle, Glass Bottle, Cans, Cups Filling & Packaging Line(Still water, Carbonated soft drink, Juice, Alcohol, Oil etc)--1-2 & 3-5 Gallon Jar Bottle Water Plant--Beverage Filling Line Auxiliary Equipment(Carbonator, UHT Sterilizer, Turned-up Bottle Sterilizer, Spray Cooler&Bottle Warmer, Homogenizer, CIP System etc)--Bottle, Kind of Container Labeling & Post Packing Solutions--Water Treatment System(RO Pure Water Purifier, UF Mineral Water Purifier, Brackish & Seawater Desalination Plant, Water Softener)

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