Воздушный насос креативный Прочный USB зарядка практичный Солнечный кислородный для наружного рыболовного


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Air Pump Creative Durable USB Charging Practical Solar Power Oxygen Pump for Outdoor Fishing Fish Tank Aquarium


Air pump
Creative oxygen pump
Solar oxygen pump
Fish tank accessories
Outdoor fishing aeration pump
Solar oxygen dispenser



- Color: As shown.
- Material: Plastic.
- Size: \u007FAbout 16x8x3cm.
- Solar panels: 5V/ 0.9w.
- Battery: 3.7v /2200mAh lithium battery.
- Air pump: 3V/1W, 1.8l /min, 0.9l /min.
- USB outlet: 5V/1000mA.
- Charging time: about 20 hours for sunlight and 4 hours for USB.
- Usage: connect the equipped air pipe and bubble stone with the product's supply pipe. Put the bubble stone into the water body that needs to increase oxygen by pressing the PUMP ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds. The air PUMP can be started or shut down. When the air PUMP is in the working state, press the PUMP ON/OFF key to adjust the exhaust speed, which can be divided into three levels successively.
- Universal solar power supply, fashion oxygen pump.
- Oxygen is easier to be out, fine workmanship, not easy to break.
- High-performance, this air pump is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank.
- Low noise design is safe and practical for fish.
- Suitable for fish tank, aquarium, or outdoor fishing.

1 x Oxygen Pump 2 x bubble stones 2 x hoses (90cm long) 1 x three-way port 1 x two-way port 1 x USB charging cable

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