FHC060 B25T R410A воздушный медный паяный пластинчатый


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FHC060 B25T R410A Air Conditioner Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

1.Compact structure: adopt thin stainless steel, high heat transfer factors.
2.Reliability: adopt 316L and copper as well as high quality brazing works. Endure high pressure and temperature. Long life and no
maintenance need.
3.Reduce water require: with the high heat transfer efficiency, only needs 1/3 water usage compare to shell and tube exchanger
under same condition
4.Lightly: Only 20-30% weight compare to shell and tube heat exchanger and reduce the logistics cost.
5.Low fouling factors: high disorderly flow lower the fouling condition, reduce the maintain.
6.With distributor: increase the refrigerant evaporating efficiency and reduce the risks by using distributor to force the
refrigerant flow direction.

Solder material
copper or nickel
Plate material
AISI316, 304
After-sales Service Provided
Overseas third-party support available

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