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Dipped nylon 66 tyre cord fabrics


Tire cord fabric is an important framework material woven with strong strands as warp and medium and fine single yarn as weft. It is mainly used in tire and hose industry, and has high strength, good fatigue, impact resistance, and high firmly bonded with rubber. It is an important material affecting tire performance and service life, it is widely used in bicycle tire, motorcycle tire, light truck tire and bias tire, Engineering tire and aviation tire, etc. The company mainly engaged in nylon 6, nylon 66 and polyester cord fabric for domestic and foreign markets, a full range of types to meet customer demand.


Size   840D/1         840D/2         1260D/1        1260D/2       1680D/1         1680D/2        1890D/2
   500D/2         1000D/1        1000D/2        1000D/3       2000D/2        2000D/3        4000D/3



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