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* Water leak can cause large economic loss, to avoid expansion of damage caused by water leakage.
* It will alarm as well as send out a sign to electric valve once the sensor detected water leaking
* Electric valve automatically close the water power after received the sign
* Provides reset switch to stop alarm
* 6-meter wire with sensor for long distance detecting
* Usually suitable for underground reservoir of high building SPA and so on. You can also place it near toilets, basements,washing machines, air-condition machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, aquariums, sump pumps, water heaters, and anywhere with potential water damage
* Protects you home by keeping the leak alert anywhere water leak is a potential danger


Working Voltage:
12V Max
working current:
Standby current:
Alarm startup time:
1 second
Alarm time:
Output electric potential:
Valve close startup time:
1 second
Valve open startup time
1 second
1.Power indicator (AC adaptor) 2.Leak detect point indicators – 8pcs
1. 6m sensor wire(8pcs)
2. AC adaptor12V- CE,UL approval*1pcs
3. Control unit*1pcs
4. electric ball valve(1/2",3/4" and 1" for your selection)

Where we use

Sump Pit
Floor seams
Storage rooms
Washing Machine
Window wells
Equipment rooms
Basement floor
Leaky drain pipes
Banquet halls
Air conditioner
Floor drains
Basement wall/
floor seams
Hot water heater
Concrete block joints

Top 5 Places to install water leak detector

·Under the Bathroom Sink
·Behind a Leaky Toilet
·Under a Dishwasher
·By the Water Heater
·Under the Refrigerator
Also widely used for swimming pool, air conditioner, hot water tanks, piping, washing machine, water treatment....


1. Even without electric ball valve, the central unit will operate, detect water leakage and sound warning tone but the sound level s a little smaller than with AC power
2.Central unit is not waterproof, Therefore please do not place the unit at where water may flow.
3. Do not place Sensor terminals on the metallic objects that may cause false warning sound.

Detailed Images

How to use

Put the water sensor on the place where water leakage may happen
Turn off the valve, and connect it to water pipe, to be sure the valve interface can not have leaks, then the valve connected to the central unit
Connect central unit to the AC power,(Power LED indicator will light up. Sound one beep and Sensor LED will light from Sensor 1 to Sensor 8) press the OPEN button to open the valve.
Once leakage happens, when the water touch the water sensor, the central unit will immediately sound warning tone and corresponding LED light up (until there is no detection of leakage,If more than one Sensor detected water leakage, all corresponding LED will also light up ), then the valve will automatically shut off
User can repair the place where water leak happens according to the audible alarm, and press the RESET button to turn off the alarm
After maintenance and all the leakage were repaired, press the OPEN button to open the valve (you can also press theCLOSE button to test if the valve is working properly). press Reset button and resume to Standby state
Keep the water sensor flat where water leakage may happen after sopping up the water, the device can be recycled

Our Company

We, Hidaka Corporation, have professional Japanese engineers and designers who average over 20 years' industry experience each.
With our strong QA system and specializing designing and manufacturing car radio systems, wireless systems and home security systems,you can found our company can be your long-term business partner. All these can help you stand out of your competitors.
Our foreign sales representatives speak Japanese and English, and we are ready to reply any of your inquiries within 24 hours. For your ODM orders, we manage 300 skillful production staff to output 50,000 pieces monthly - enough to meet your volume requirements.
To ensure quality, our inspectors, averaging over 10 years' experience, are committed to conducting stringent IQC to FQC procedures on all units. As a result, we can maintain a return rate less than 0.02 percent. Contact Hidaka Corporation now and cooperate together, win-win is our goal.




Q1:What's the leadtime?
A:<10pc within 7 days delivery
>10pc need negotiate
Q2:What Express is sent?
A:Generally use DHL,TNT, UPS,FEDEX.
Q3:What's your payment term?
A: 100% T/T , Paypal and credit card.
Q4:How long is the warranty?
A:1 Year.
Q5:Can it be customized?
A:> 500 accept customization.

Contact Information

Hidaka Corporation
Add: 2F,Right 1 bulding,Jialian Industrail Zone ,Silianlu, Henggang, Shenzhen, China 518119
Tel: 86-0755-28886866
Contact: Rita (sales2@hidaka.cn)
Tel: 13642238696
What's app: +86 13642238696

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