Карбоновая копировальная бумага для татуировок формата А4 100


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100pcs Temporary Copier Thermal tattoo paper transfer,Tattoo Transfer Paper

* Premium Quality Tattoo transfer paper
* 4 ply transfer paper, 8.5" x 11" A4 size
* Professional transfepapers for tattoo or stencil use.
* Perfect for tattoo shops and artists.
* Can be used in thermal copier or freehand

* Size: 12.2 in X 8.6 in/ 31 X 22 cm
* Packaging: 100 pcs X Tattoo Transfer Paper

* Tattoo transfer paper allows trace or stencil images from their original source to the transfer paper and eventually to the skin.
* Use this tattoo transfer paper with a thermal copy machine printer. Copy images on the paper with thermal energy.
* High-quality dyes and stencil transfer paper, can protect hands or clothing.
* With a good transferring effect. Suit for artists, tattooists, tattoo lovers, and so on.

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