Изысканное Рыбное масло от производителя-экспортер рыбного


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Feeding fish oil supplements ensure your animal have a high natural source of omega 3 in their diet. This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid, while it offers a source of EPA/DHA. These acids are essential for normal biological functions in cattle. For animals to get the full benefits of omega 3 oils, it is vital it comes from fish oils and not from plant-derived oils, such as linseed. Fish oil is extracted from fishery materials prior to making fish meal.



FFA Max. 1.5%

- Moisture Max. 0.2%

- Peroxide value (PV) Max. 2 Meq/Kg

- Iodine value Min. 160 gl2/100g

- EPA + DHA combined Min. 20%

- P-Anisidine (PnV) Max. 20

- Physical state Clear and liquidify

- Anti-Oxidant 200 ~ 400 ppm

- Premium Marine Fish Oil


Fish Oil / Omega-3 Specification     
SpecificationEE & TG, 18/12%, 180mg/120mg, etc.
AppearanceClear yellow oil
Quality standardFood grade
PackageNet 25kg/190kg/200kg drums, IBCs, flexitanks
Product availability80mt/month
Delivery time2-3 weeks
SampleFree or negotiated


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