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Products Description


Flexitank is a new type of liquid container in recent years. It is not difficult to see from the name that its plan is to be born for oils, but with the gradual demonstration of its superiority, its application in our lives has gradually been widely used. It has become the first choice for many liquids.
The liquid can be stored directly without removing the liquid due to lack of space, and it can be folded and stored to save more space.

Water bladder

The water bag is made of non-toxic, odorless, transparent, soft latex or polyethylene injection molding. It can provide a variety of specifications and can be customized according to customer needs. Due to the soft advantage of the product itself, it is stored in The shape can be changed arbitrarily, the position is not fixed, it is convenient to carry, and it is a container with a relatively high storage utilization rate.

Oil sac

The soft oil sac is an oil-carrying container bonded by oil-resistant tape. Mainly used for carrying fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The soft oil bladder has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, abrasion resistance, anti-fall, strong environmental adaptability, convenient carrying, simple use and so on.
The inner diameter of the inlet and outlet ports is 36mm, which is suitable for filling with a refueling gun. The oil port of the soft oil sac is sealed with a bevel to ensure a reliable oil port seal. The outer wall of the soft oil sac is treated with matte flame retardant, and its color is matt army green or other colors.
Container Flexitank

Flexi tank is a new type of flexible packaging container that can store and transport various non-hazardous liquid goods. It can replace traditional packaging such as expensive tanks and iron drums in the transportation of non-hazardous liquids.
The raw materials of the products have no pollution to the environment and are suitable for shipping, railway, land transportation and other transportation methods. Various chemical, petroleum, food, feed, agricultural products and other fields have been widely used.

Storage medium and product type

Edible liquid medium

The liquid bag dedicated to food can store edible media such as water, milk, beverages, and edible oil. The materials meet the food hygiene standards.

Chemical liquid medium

Most chemical liquids are highly corrosive. Huize's special bags for chemical liquids use special anti-corrosive materials and valves for corrosive chemical products.

Special liquid liquid medium

Special flexitanks/sacs for petrochemical liquids are designed according to the characteristics of petrochemical liquids. They use durable materials and are suitable for transporting various diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil and other liquids.
High temperature liquid medium

Special bags for high-temperature liquids, for liquids that need to be stored or transported at high temperatures, high-temperature resistant liquid bags/bags are used.

①、High-quality PVC material
Huize’s flexitanks, oil sacs and other products are made of high-quality PVC materials, food-specific bags are lined with PE food-grade materials, and other special bags for different transport media are lined with different properties.

②、Durable accessories
Huize chose more durable liquid inlet/outlet valves and exhaust valves to avoid quality problems of the fittings and liquid leakage.

③、Easy to fold and store, reusable after washing
Huize's products are divided into two types: disposable and reusable. The soft material is easy to fold and store, and the reusable product can be reused after cleaning, reducing environmental pollution and cost waste.

④、After a number of rigorous tests
Huize's products must be tested from the beginning of the raw materials before entering the factory for production, and the finished products can be delivered only after passing the quality inspection of the production line and the laboratory sampling.

⑤、Color, specification, shape, performance can be customized
Huize's products support exclusive customization of colors, specifications, shapes, and performance, which avoids material waste, is more convenient for customers to use, and more economical.

Product Parameter

Detection method
PVC Mesh cloth 0.9mm
PVC Mesh cloth 1.2mm
PVC Mesh cloth 1.5mm
Base cloth sand support type


Electronic testing machine



Tensile strength(N/5cm)
Electronic testing machine
Tear strength(N)
Electronic testing machine
Peel strength(N/5cm)
Electronic testing machine




Anti-yellowing UV test
Wavelength 290-400nm ultraviolet

Does not change color

Does not change color

Does not change color
Temperature (20±2)℃, irradiation 24H
Leather interference test
Dynamic test 200,000 times
Surface is not cracked
Surface is not cracked
Surface is not cracked

Use temperature
High temperature baking test machine



Low temperature testing machine
Flame retardant
Can be customized
Can be customized
Can be customized
Can be customized
Can be customized
Can be customized


Company Profile


Huize Environmental Protection is a manufacturer of geotechnical materials and PVC soft materials from Shandong Province. It has durable products and sufficient production capacity. Huize’s products have been distributed in most provinces of China, as well as Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. The product quality and service have been widely praised in various countries and regions.


Packing & Delivery

1、In most cases,we use shipping containers for low cost.
2、If you need sample service, our partner is UPS FedEx.


Q1:What is your delivery time?
A1:Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q2:Where is your company?

A2:Dezhou shandong province, China and if you want to coming,please call me ,I will arrange your schedule.

Q3:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A3:We are manufacturer.So wo have a lower price than trading company.

Q4:What is your delivery method?
A4:T/T, Western Union, L/C,PAYPAL...

Q5:Do you provid samples?Is it free or extra?
A5:Yes, we can offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freigh.

Q6:What is your terms of payment?
A6:Payment<=1000USD,100% in advance.Payment>=1000USD, 30%T/T in advance, balance before shippment. If you have another question,please to contact me.


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