Китайские экологически чистые сельскохозяйственные полные вертикальные системы


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In traditional agriculture where plants are grown in soil, nutrients and water exist randomly, and often plants need to expend a great deal of energy to grow long roots to search for water and nutrients. By expending this energy, plants do not grow as fast as they could. However in a hydroponic system, a plant doesn’t have to expand any energy growing long roots in search of it. In addition, growing plants in hydroponics requires less water, less space, and pests and diseases are more easily controlled and prevented.

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Shandong Everon Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in october 2008,mainly engaged in animal husbandry and ventilation equipment.Our company is commoitted to providing first-class products and first -class after-service .
Our main products include: different kindly of exhaust fan,various style of evaporative cooling pad,broiler and breeder drinking line and feeding line,our company adopt CNC equipment to ensure the quality of products.
Our company is recognized as a offering top quality and best after-service based enterprise,we look froward to establishing business with u.

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