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Product introduction

Membrane structure is a structural system combining building and structure. It is a narrow space structure type that uses high-strength flexible membrane materials and auxiliary structures to produce a certain pretension stress in a certain way and form a certain spatial shape under stress control. It is used as a covering structure or building main body and has sufficient stiffness to resist the action of external load.

Membrane structure
Customized according to customer requirements
 Steel and alloy structural steel
Membrane cloth
Structural style
Tension type、 Inflatable、 Skeleton type
Can be customized

Advantages of membrane structure
(1) Large span
(2) Artistry
(3) Economy
(4) Security
(5) Self cleaning
(6) Short construction period
(7) Wide application

Membrane structure application scenario
1. Membrane structure transportation facilities are generally applied in airports, railway stations, bus stations, toll stations, wharfs, gas stations, car parking sheds, bicycle parking sheds, etc.
2. The general application scenarios of membrane structure commercial facilities include shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, shop doorways, commercial streets, leisure landscapes, etc.
3. The general application scenarios of membrane structure cultural facilities include: Exhibition Center, theater, conference hall, museum, botanical garden, aquarium, performance center, tourist area, resort villa, stage, music square, etc.
4. The general application scenarios of membrane structure landscape facilities include: square modeling, building entrance, landmark landscape sketch, pedestrian street, real estate company, community garden landscape, public leisure sunshade, etc.
5. Membrane structure sports facilities are generally used in stadiums, gymnasiums, fitness centers, natatoriums, tennis halls, training centers, golf courses, etc.
6. Membrane structure industrial facilities are generally used in factories, treatment centers, greenhouses, logistics centers, large sheds, etc.

Product example

Factory profile

The company specializes in providing green, environmental protection and energy-saving membrane structure materials. It is a national high-end membrane material manufacturer. With excellent polymer resin formula processing technology, advanced production process and professional staff team, it continues to create a new value field of membrane structure materials, promote the innovative development of China's membrane structure market, improve the multi-function of membrane structure materials, and promote technological innovation, quality assurance, environmental protection and energy conservation Fast feedback and other aspects of the pursuit of perfection.

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If your request is in our stock products, you can order any quantity. If your requirement is special size and color, it is usually 2000m.

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Generally, it takes 2-10 days when there is inventory and 20-25 days when there is no inventory.

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We provide you with free A4 samples.

4. Can you accept customized products?
yes. Color, width, weight and packaging can be customized

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Usually 30% at the time of order and 70% before loading.

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