Однофазный мягкий стартер для кондиционера и теплового насоса 220 В


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Product Description

Air-Conditioner Soft Start Controller RJ-ASSU220P3 Installation Manual
(Single Phase 220VAC)


The RUIJING soft start controller - RJ-ASSU220P3 provides an effective solution in reduction of start-up current, typically up to 70%, but still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors. Across the line starting of air-conditioner compressor or induction motors is accompanied by inrush currents up to 7-8 times higher than running current, and starting torque up to 3 times higher than running torque. The increased unnecessary torque results in sudden mechanical stress on the machine which leads to increased wear and higher service costs and reduced service life. Moreover, the high inrush current and current peaks may stress the power supply system to increased mains and generator loads which may lead to voltage dips results in breaking down of other valuable equipment or system function.

RJ-ASSU220P3 is an embedded design air-conditioner (for single phase power system) soft start controller. It regulates the start-up voltage of the compressor/motor intelligently to effectively reduce the inrush and surge current while starting-up, thus consume much less power from the public utility network or on-site AC power supply system but still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors. RJ-ASSU220P3 effective limits the inrush current and so improves stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect or break down other loads. This will eliminate the need of over dimension of the power supply system which results in reduce capital expenditure investment in power supply capacity, charge meter, circuit breaker and power wire line capacity etc..and extend the service life of the motor or compressor effectively.

RJ-ASSU220P3 is a compact size, light weight cost effective soft start controller with fire proofed housing and sealed by resin make it capable to resist extreme weather and survive in harsh environment (air-conditioner outdoor unit), this makes RJ-ASSU220P3 a cost effective solution with high reliability and stability.

Limits inrush current
Eliminates current surges & voltage drops
Extends motor/compressor service life with built-in electronic overload protective relay
Integral bypass contactor reduces heat generation
Produces smoother starts and stops by controlling torque
Reduces vibration and mechanical damage
Relieves shock and drive train stress on startup
Easy to wire and install and decreases equipment downtime
High reliability and long life


Nominal Working Voltage: 220Vac (187~266Vac), single phase
Maximum continuous working voltage: 266VAC.
Maximum continuous working current: 18A
Over Current limit: 30A/1 minute
Maximum non-repetitive inrush current: 170A (<20 ms).
Maximum surge current: 120A (<350 ms).
Soft start-up time: 1±0.5s
Current consumption: 48mA (Capacitive 220VAC)
Power consumption: less than 15VA
Operation hours: better than 45,000 hours (rated working temperature)
Effective soft start on/off service: >100,000 times (soft start interval not less than 3 minutes)

The insulation resistance between housing and chassis: > 300 M Ω.
Withstand voltage between housing and chassis: >3000 VAC in 1 minute.
Shock resistance better than 200m/s2 and 11ms.
Anti vibration: 10~55mm(double amplitude, 1.5mm)
Protection restart time interval: 180 seconds

Working temperature: -40 to 85 ℃.
Working Humidity: 0~95% RH (<40 ℃).

Controller housing made by non-flammable plastic
Packaged and sealed by epoxy resin with excellent durable to severe environment
Dimension: 120 mm × 70mm × 20mm
Weight: 200g

Air-conditioner (apply to single-phase 220V 1P/2P/3P)

Installation Picture

Installation Picture  I

Installation Picture 2

Installation Picture 3

Our Company

Zhuhai Ruijing Electronic Technological Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai City, is a company with independent intellectual property rights, science and technology enterprise development strength and technology advantages. Since its inception, we have been focused on air conditioning and heat pump start control technology and relay protection technology, photoelectric communication technology of intelligent meter and other field research and products development, production, sales and service.

We have skilled and innovative R & D team, according to customer demands, our R & D team can develop reliable quality and advanced technology products, at the same time our R & D team can also provide high quality and efficient service. We are also actively with domestic colleges to carry out research cooperation, have obtained a number of national qualification certifications such as national high-tech enterprises, intellectual property management system, 7 software copyrights and 12 patents and so on.

Package & Delivery

1. Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
We are a manufacturer with more than 1,000 sq.m.

2. What is your MOQ?
Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is negotiable for large quantity.

3. Where is your company?
We are located in 2/F, Building 2, No.12 Futian Road, Qianshan Industrial Zone, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong, China. You are very welcome to visit our company.

4. Why should you choose us?
Reliable--we have 10 years production experience.We've served thousands of clients, and products have been sold to many countries.
Authority--We have achieved have obtained a number of national qualification certifications such as national high-tech enterprises, intellectual property management system, 7 software copyrights and 12 patents and so on.

5. What's your lead time?
For sample, 3-5 days For big order, 10-15 days

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We accept TT and Alibaba Trade Assurance.

7. What is your after-sale service?

We offer 100% guarantee on our product and agree 1:1 replace any defective products.

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