Процедура наполнения стандартной предварительно заряженной пневматической винтовки или пистолета с помощью зажима (K-клапан) и отжима


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Procedure for Filling a Standard Pre-Charged Air Rifle or Pistol using "A" Clamp (K Valve) and Push Button Bleed

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1,The Charging Kit to the cylinder valve by means of the Clamp or Hand Wheel.
2, Assuming that the appropriate connector for filling the gun has already been fitted to the fill line, attach the connector to
the gun. ​3, For "Buddy Bottle" systems, i.e Theoben Rapid, BSA SuperTen etc, you can screw the buddy bottle directly into the
charging head where the hose would usually go. Please ensure that the hard white seal supplied with the kit is in place before
screwing the buddy bottle onto the system, as the bottle valve seals against this.
4, Now SLOWLY open the valve on the cylinder. The pressure displayed on the gauge will rise steadily until it equalizes with the
pressure inside the gun. At this point there is usually a pronounced click, or a squealing noise as the fill valve on the gun
opens. This is quite normal.
5, The Pressure shown on the gauge will then continue to rise at a slower rate as the gun reservoir fills.
6, When the recommended fill pressure of the gun is reached, usually between 180 and 190 BAR, (higher for some FAC guns), close
the cylinder valve. Do not be tempted to overfill the gun to try to gain more power, as this will actually reduce the power output
until the recommended maximum fill pressure is reached.
7, Allow the gun to rest for 5-10 seconds and if required top up the pressure to the recommended level, closing the cylinder valve
fully on completion.
8, Now press the Push Button Bleed Valve located on the bottom of the charging head to release the air in the valve head and hose.
There will be a short blast of air as the stored pressure within the primary charging system is released. Press again a few times
to release any air pressure stored behind the flow restrictor.
9, Now you can safely remove the fill connector from the gun.
10, The process is now complete and you can remove the Charging Kit from the cylinder valve.
11, All of our kits are fitted with a flow restrictor. For more information please see Note 1 and 2 .

Note 1.
On some guns with detachable air reservoirs the fill probe ​mechanically opens the fill valve when connected. The gauge on the
charging kit ​will register the gun reservoir pressure when connected even though the ​cylinder valve is closed. This is nothing
to be concerned about.
However, because of this, it is necessary to unscrew the ​reservoir one complete turn from the fill adapter prior to bleeding the
system. ​Failure to observe this procedure will cause the air in the gun reservoir to ​vent back out through the bleed valve.
Note 2.
There is a flow restrictor fitted into the ​inlet stem of the Push Button Bleed Charging Kits that helps prevent flash ​filling of
your equipment. If you require a faster flow through the charging ​head, the M5 grub screw can be loosened or removed with a 2.5mm
allen/hex key ​as supplied with the kit.
You can remove the flow restrictor without ​dismantling the unit using the 2.5mm hex key supplied
For the “A“ Clamp ​(K Valve) you will need to hold the stem with a 19mm (3/4 AF) spanner on the ​hex section inside the clamp
frame to prevent the stem from rotating.

Nickel-Plated Brass
Gauge Range
Work Pressure
250Bar or 3600psi

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