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Product Name
Silicone Foldable Water Bottle
18X9X9 cm
High Quality;Novelty Shape

1. Why using hydrosol as moisturizer?
Hydrosol contains essential oil with small water molecules, can be easily absorbed by skin, moisturizing effect is superior to general water. Please apply serum or cream to lock the moisture in skin.

2. Why organic is better than conventional products?
Because organic products do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and other synthetic substances in the process of production and whole processing, their quality will be better.

3. Is it too oil to use essential oil especially for oily skin?
Oily skin can use essential oil, because the molecules of essential oils are very small thus can be easily absorbed by skin, so oily skin with essential oils can make the skin look better without being greasy.

4. Is our product suitable for sensitive skin?
People with sensitive skin tend to have thin facial skin which is fragile and poor in endurance. When the season/ temperature/ mood changes, or when changing different skin care products, facial burning, flushing or slight itching may occur. So it is necessary to choose skin care products that contain neither spices and preservatives, nor artificial/ synthetic ingredients. In this sense, our hydrosol or serum are pure enough to suit sensitive skin.  

5. How to store hydrosol especially there is no preservatives?
Please Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Better store in fridge. Please keep it properly and keep the package clean and well closed. If you buy a large bottle, it is best to use a small bottle to separate it out, so that to avoid contamination of the liquid.

6. Why hydrosol is better than other face toner?
Hydrosol are condensed water solutions distilled from aromatic plants from distillation process, The hydrosol production is simple, does not contain essence and alcohol composition completely, mild and rich in natural ingredients. The small molecule makes it easily absorbed by skin. There is no chemical, artificial or synthetic ingredients inside while other toner may contain.

7. How do you select supplier to guarantee quality?
We would like to call them partner not supplier. We choose people more than the factory itself. For example, our Bulgaria supplier is graduated form UK Cambridge university, which is a strong quality guarantee already. The more reliable the person in charge is, the stronger quality guarantee we will have.

8. How do you deal with quality dispute?
Friendly negotiation is always the first step to take. Based on our tracibility system, we are able to define the problem immediately.

9. Why origin is so important for hydrosol and essential oil?
Good hydrosol and essential oil, the origin is very important as it closely relate to flower or plant quality. Different origin, flower/plant quality difference is substantial. That's why we source from all the world looking for best quality.

10. Why do you combine Chinese herbal and essential oil in some products?
Chinese traditional herbal is a heritage of our historic wisdom in terms of skin care and body care; Essential oil is from western, also with long history. The combination of them will have double effect.  

11. Why amino acid cleanser is better? Is it too gentle to remove dirt? 
Washing face is not just about cleaning, it can also nourish the skin and prevent skin problems. Amino acid cleansing is gentle and suits all skin type, cleaning and moisturizing.

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