Высококачественный холоднонанесенный полиуретановый наполнитель для расширения соединения дорожного покрытия


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Product Overview

High performance Road Crack Repair Sealant and Settlement joints for airport runways runway highways concrete road

Concrete Self-Leveling Polyurethane Sealant Concrete Expansion Joint Replacement Adhesive Sealant

Single-Component Moisture-Cure PU Joint Sealants for Highway and Parking Applications

The POLYURTHANE joint sealant line is designed for sealing concrete and metal joints in a variety of applications, including
sidewalks, balconies, pavement, terraces, warehouses, factories, civil structures, plazas, and pitch pans. Its one-component
technology offers ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Gray Color Concrete Self-Leveling Polyurethane Sealant is a professional grade sealant for concrete.
One component polyurethane elastic joint material PU-360
PU-360 is High quality one component polyurethane with excellent elastic joint material. It seals horizontal expansion joints in concrete and cementitious slabs requiring no tooling.

Key Features

1.Odorless, Eco-friendly, No Harm to the Builder
2.Excellent Waterproof, Best Sealing, Bright Color
3.Resistant to Oil, Acid, Alkali ,Puncture, Chemical Corrosion
4.Single Component, Self-leveling, Easy to Use, Convenient Operation
5.800+ Elongation, Super-bonding without Crack
Resistance to Tear, Puncture, Abrasion
* Available in colors
* Single component
* VOC compliant
* Specifically designed for easy tooling
* Available in non-sag and self-leveling formulas
* Permanently elastic – resists aging, weathering
* Convenient, easy-to-use packaging


Visual inspection
Grey/ Customized
Adhesion Elongation
Tack Free time
Shore A
Resilience Rate
Flow ability
Curing Speed
Full drying time
Elongation at Break
Solid Content
Operation Temperature
Service Temperature
-40~+80 ℃
Shelf life

Areas of Application

1.Bonding and sealing for the gap of joints of road, airport runway, square, wall pipe, wharf, roof, underground garage and basement.
2. Sealing for leakage of oil refinery and chemical plant.
3. Bonding and sealing for industrial floor, such as epoxy floor and all kinds of paint surface.
4. Excellent bonding, sealing and repairing of various kinds of materials, such as concrete building, wood, metal, PVC, ceramics, carbon fiber, glass, etc.

Airport Running Way joint sealant
For Bridge and tunnel Joint Sealing
For the Movement Parking gaps sealing

For Train Tacks Joint Sealing
For Highway Joint Sealing
For the road crack sealing

Direction for use

* Cleaning:The substrate surface must be solid,dry and be clean.Such as no dust, grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, water repellent, curing agent, isolating agent and film. Surface cleaning can be dealt with by removing, cutting, grinding, cleaning, blowing, and so on.
* Operation:Put the sealant into the operating tool,then injecting it into the gap.
* Reservation gap:The construction joint will expand as the temperature change,so the surface of the sealant should be lower than 2mm of the pavement after construction.
* About maintenance time: At the standard state,the maintenance time is about 5 hours. It depends on the actual construction conditions. The standard state is that the temperature is 23±2℃,and the humidity is 55 ± 5%RH.
* Operation Methods: Because the packing is different, the construction methods and tools are slightly different. The specific construction method.

First Step---Construction Joint Cutting
Use a cutting machine to cut the construction joints according to the design plan
Second Step---Cleaning the gaps
The surface must be hard, dry and clean. The inside of the seam must be cleaned up by shoveling, cutting, polishing, sweeping and blowing.

Third Step---Pad backer rod Lay a polyethylene foam strip that is slightly larger than the construction joint in the construction joint, and the depth depends on the construction situation
Fourth Step---Applying the sealant
Put the sealing glue into the glue filling equipment (seam filling machine, glue gun, duckbill pot), squeeze the sealing glue evenly and continuously, and move it evenly and slowly to ensure that the base surface to be glued fully contacts the sealing glue to prevent Move too fast and generate bubbles or holes.

●We advise reserved 2mm, otherwise, the sealants will overtop the concrete road.
Reserved gap: Since the construction joint will expand and contract with the change of temperature, the surface should be lower than the road surface after grouting, 3-4mm in summer and 1-2mm in winter.

Packaging & Delivery

Product Model
Product Name
UV Resistance Self leveling Joints Sealant
Gray or customized
500ml/Bag, 600ml/Sausage, 20kg/Pail 230kg/Drum
Shelf life
1.Sealed and stored in cool and dry place.
2.It is suggested to be stored at 5~25 ℃, and the humidity is less than 50%RH.
3.If the temperature is higher than 40 ℃ or the humidity is more than 80%RH, the shelf life may be shorter.

20kg per drum, one pallet 36 drums
600ml /pcs, 20pcs per box
500ml /bag, 15bags per box

∎Delivery time :
Normally order, the delivery time is around 10-15days.
Samples : 2-3 working days.

Why Choose Us

Shanghai Max tech Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of PU Adhesive Sealant, Silicone Sealant, MS polymer sealant, Waterproofing coating & Waterproofing tape, and lubricating grease.The products are mainly used in industrial areas such as automotive, machinery, Ship, and construction. For Example, the windshield, bus glass, metal sheet, tunnels, airports running way and high speedway house decoration, roof, wall, electronic component and furniture, and so on. With more than 10 years of effort & premium quality, And we have won the approval of domestic and international customers. Especially in Southeast Asia, South America, North America, and Africa.

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Our Projects

Self-leveling Expansion Joint Sealants fo the Highway
Gray Self-leveling sealant for the pavement
High quality Joint sealant for the airport runningway.


Q: What is delivery time?
A:Normally the delivery time is about 15 days depend on quantity required after deposit. Except public holidays.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Normally our MOQ is 2000kgs, For the first time, Small order is welcomed, we will support it.

Q: How to get the samples?
A: Yes , 1-2pcs,200g free samples are available. Delivery cost will be paid by clients.

Q: How long can I get a quote?
A: The quotation could be provided within 24 hours once we know all detailed requirements.
Q: Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, OEM & ODM are welcome. Private Label We can accept.

Q: How can you guarantee the quality?
A: We have rigorous quality test system, from raw materials to finished products, the materials must be inspected and signed by QC

Any inquiry , Welcome to contact us directly, all the chemical adhesive sealant and related products. Give you more solutions !

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