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Metal keychains customized with your logo

Company Keychain Manufacturer
As a keychain maker and manufacturer, we make custom made keychains designed in any shape, size or color. RENHUI Metal Company can make a design using your ideas. There are three easy steps to getting started. Step one is to send us your ideas and sketch. Step two is to decide on the details like the shape, quantity, and size. The last step is to sit back and have us produce and ship them to you.
Customized keyrings are great promotional items for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. They are a fun and functional approach to marketing yourself or commemorating an event. Making custom keychains from metal in bulk with your artwork provides an opportunity to connect and engage with all of your customers, clients, and community members alike.

Custom Logo Keychains
Most of our custom logo keychains are manufactured using a die that's struck into bronze. Using a high-pressure die, they are
struck into a high-quality bronze plate. This creates areas that are both raised and recessed. After plating, the raised areas are
hand polished to give it a smooth, reflective finish. On the other hand, the recessed areas are sandblasted or treated with an antiquing solution. This final step brings a true definition to your image.
When it comes to making a customized keychain, you are limited only by your imagination. Bring your logo, to life in a variety of shapes, colors, dimensions, and styles in a few fun, easy steps.

Soft Enamel Keychain
2D & 3D

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality promotional items, and keyrings are no exception. Using vibrant enamel,brilliant finishes, and durable plating in gold, silver, copper, and true black varieties, our products are a far cry from souvenir shop paraphernalia you're accustomed to seeing hanging from people's keyrings today. If you're looking for the best manufacturer to order them in bulk, then you're in the right place, we guarantee it.
We are dedicated to making sure your customized keyrings are made to perfection, which is why we created this guide to help explain the difference between all of our popular options and the value you'll receive when ordering for the first time.

Key Chain Enameling & Die Cutting
Send us your logo and we will design a free art proof to show you how it will look. We can make two-sided images and we have stock textures we can add to the background. Our promotional die-cut keychains are created with the highest quality craftsmanship and colorful enameling. We offer gold, silver, copper, true black plating and other options. Sandblasting the background allows any logo to really stand out!

* Die Struck
* Soft Leather keychains
* Cast Zinc and Pewter
* Screen Printed

As a custom metal keychains maker we have all the right options
Our promotional metal keychains are featured with the highest quality craftsmanship and can include vivid colors. Custom cut-outs can be added as well antique finishes.
Custom keychains are a practical promo item that is used every day by nearly everybody. They can be an effective marketing tool for your business. We work hard to take your idea from concept to digital proof that you will love. We will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you're after in a prompt, efficient, and painless manner. Our customer service is top-notch and we make sure you are happy from start to finish.

Learn More About Custom Keychain Making
Your Design Ideas
It all starts with a sketch. Work with our graphic artist to figure out the best way to bring your sketch to life in a thoughtful and intentional manner. Choose  between the many variations listed above, asking questions along the way to ensure you get exactly what you're after. We will create a digital proof that will include your design ideas. There is no charge for creating your proof and we offer unlimited revisions.
Custom Shapes & Sizes

When it comes to the shape and function, the sky's the limit. Equipped with specialized tools for molding and shaping our products, we can make a bottle opener or even make it feature unique and integrated cutouts perfectly unique to you and your artwork. Because of the many types, and variations, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the process.
Reviewing Your Digital Proof
Review the complementary proof provided at no charge. Proofs are detailed depictions of your desired designs. Proofs are sent to you for review after only a few days of your initial collaboration with the designer.
After you approve the proof, you can request samples. Samples are a good idea for large orders, or if you are unsure of how something will translate from paper to its tangible state.
Enamelling & Coloring
Soft Enamel
The more cost-effective of all of our key holders. Soft enamel is added to the recessed areas and the ridges are raised. There are unlimited combinations of colors and textures with our soft-enamel. From glossy to matte, and from robin egg blue to fire engine red, you really are only limited by your imagination. Enamel can be matched using the Pantone matching system.
Hard Enamel
The highest quality option we offer, our hard enamel is easy to customize. Combining glass-like Pantone color, this innovative process makes an incredibly durable and versatile product you'll have to see to believe. With enamel, you can choose trims and finishes, contributing to the overall value and personalization.
Soft vs Hard Enamel
Enamel is added to incorporate color and dimension. It is a process that produces the highest quality and finishes. Two types of color-fill can be added to create this colorful effect. And although they are both high in quality, there are slight variations between these finishes. If you choose not to include enamel, we could add textured backgrounds or even a 3D sculpted area. We also offer a third color option which is called cloisonne.
Things To Consider When Order In Bulk
Consider your budget and the quantity and quality. Ordering in bulk will bring down the unit price. Contemplate who will be using it and what they will find most fun or useful, and think about how quickly you need your design to be processed and your product to be produced. This will help you more effectively navigate the designing process.

Our design team can take a simple sketch and turn finished artwork that matches your vision. We'll give you a custom proof so you can approve of your design before it goes to production. We have many years of experience in helping customers through the design process. We can also give you suggestions to help you create the kind of logo that exceeds your expectations.
Production & Shipping Your Order
Once you are sure of your design is sent to production, a mold or stamp will be created, depending on the style you've decided to manufacture. Color and plating will be added according to your design, and in some cases, backgrounds will be sandblasted to give your design a refined finish.
Upon the completion of your order, usually after only a couple of weeks, your order is shipped to your requested destination. Standard shipping time should be expected and considered, especially if your order has an impending deadline.
Receiving & Unboxing Your Order
Unboxing your order is the fun part. Connecting with customers and clients in a fun and unique way, and for effectively promoting your business or cause within your community and beyond.

Finally, when you need to reorder, enjoy the reduced time and cost of the process, as your mold or stamp is already made and saved, ready and waiting for you when you need to order more.

Design Your Own Keychain
With access to the best materials and the best equipment for customizing your key holder. We have talented staff, bringing your design to life is fun and easy. We are excited to help you along each and every step, and take pride in our customer service, working with you to get your ideas from your sketchpad to your keyring. 3D stands out when paired with an antique finish. There are four antique finishes that are the standard finishes used with 3D sculpting. They include antique silver, gold, copper, bronze and other options. Casting allows for small cutouts and amazing logo details. There's no limit to what we can create, including products like bottle openers made with your specifications.

Cast Keychains in Bulk
Casting is ideal for replicating small details featuring unique cutouts or shapes. Manufactured by filling a mold with the desired material, this variety is great for bulk orders and one-of-a-kind creations. This is a great option for a more unique look that stands out among standard ones. 3D stands for three-dimensional, and the raised areas are molded to enhance the look.

Base Metals & Plating
The type of base metal we use can also enhance your final product. With so many base metals to choose from, including brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, pewter, iron, zinc.
Another amazing addition is our four plating options. Plating is the process of adding a thin layer of metal over your products. By adding a plated detail, you can enhance the look of elegance, luxury, or even antiqueness or artistic distress. The different plating options we offer include gold, silver, bronze, and true black, each of which boasts its own unique and versatile beauty.

Who Use Company Keychains?
Nonprofits and Volunteer Organizations: Often used as a "thank you" for donations or as a way to promote or commemorate an event
or cause, they are great for your nonprofit or volunteer organization. They can be given away as door prizes, sold to raise money,
used to start a conversation, or given in appreciation to active members or donors.
Parks and Museums: From a State or National Park to a community garden to the local museum or zoo, everyone can benefit from
having custom made keychains hanging for sale in their gift shops. These purchases support the efforts of these organizations
while adding value for visitors looking to have an item that is useful in their everyday life.

Schools, Universities, Clubs and Sports Teams:
There are so many things of which people take prideful ownership, including their alma maters, the clubs to which they currently or previously belonged, and they're favorite professional or amateur sports teams.
These organizations are the perfect platforms for custom metal keychains with your logo.
Having something they're proud of hanging from their key rings on a daily basis is the perfect way to demonstrate pride and affiliation with that organization. Promote a culture of pride within your organization by creating your own customized keychain,
perfect for your thriving fan base.

Looking For A Different Feel For Your Personalized Keychain?
We have other alternatives to choose from including this rubberized key tags

Taking The Next Step

Let us step in and help you get exactly what you're looking for, whether or not you know specifically what that is yet. We have a
talented staff that will walk you through from sketch to proof, and from sample to the product. Contact us today to get your free
quote and discuss your project with one of our friendly staff.

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1. Could I have prices of your products?
Welcome. Pls feel free to send us an email here. You will get our reply in 2 hours

2. Can we print our logo/website/company name on products?
Yes, please advise the size and Pantone Code of the logo.

3. Do you offer samples before mass production?
Yes, we offer pre-production samples with only a mold charge. Sampling takes approximately 7-10 days and mass production another 10-15 business days. Please allow enough time for production.

4. What is your production lead time?
Our production lead time is usually around 7-15 workdays(depending on the products) after receiving payment and your artwork approval.

5. Do you offer a quality guarantee?
Yes, we offer 100% quanlity guarantee. For improper production, we will either refund you the money, or rapidly remake the
products for you.

6. More questions?
Welcome to contact us, we have professional online customer service to solve your problems.

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