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China Factory 1.5mm 1.2mm 2mm Long Lasting Waterproof High Polymer Self Adhesive PVC Roofing Membrane

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 Product introduction
Langwei PVC waterproofing membrane in PVC resin as the main material, based on scientific formula, adding plasticizers,stabilizers, anti-UV agents, pigments and other additives, after kneaded material, extrusion process and composite nonwoven fabric
made of polyester with good waterproof performance elastomeric waterproofing membrane. membrane width of 2.10 meters,specifications, thickness, width can be reasonably adjusted according to user needs. Widely used in underground seepage, light
steel roof waterproof insulation, sewage treatment plants, landfills, chemical acid treatment pond building roof, waterproofing underground works, underground tunnels, road tunnels, reservoirs, dams and other projects, etc. seepage and corrosion-resistant liner environmental engineering use.
Langwei PVC membrane is high-grade polymer waterproofing membrane produced with more than ten years experience, absorbing
advanced foreign technology, using imported equipment and process. The waterproofing membrane in PVC resin as the main raw
material, adding a variety of special additives and anti-aging components, sandwiching a polyester fiber fabric or glass fiber
fabric reinforcement material base for the child, the use of imported equipment and advanced technology production system to make.
This product and homogeneous (excluding internal reinforcing material) compared to PVC waterproofing membrane, the greater tensile
strength, elongation, shrinkage rate is very small, longer life and other notable features. The product is stable performance,
reliable quality.
All Types
▲ homogeneous membrane (H class) → plasticity for detail processing and complex roofing project.
▲ with fiber sheet (L class) → single composite polyester nonwovens, combined with a more secure and grass-roots; mainly used
exposed roof, Exalted roof, underground engineering.
▲ polyester fabric reinforced sheet (P type) → high tensile strength, superior mechanical properties; mainly used in single-layer
roof exposed to mechanical fixing systems and other projects.
▲ glass fabric reinforced sheet (G category) → dimensional stability, resistance to puncture roots; mainly used exposed fully
adhered roofing system, empty shop protection system, planted roof, garage roof and other projects.
▲ Glass fibers reforced and enhanced with fiber backing sheet (GL Class) → enhanced web integration advantages, combined with the
grass roots firmly safer, better dimensional stability over a backing roll set with fiber and glass fiber inner.
Special Features
★ surface layer of special treatment, prolong life
★ with identifying colors, easy to repair
★ puncture resistant root system for green roofs
★ fiber reinforced polyester inner membrane, anti-perforation and pressure resistance, superior mechanical properties; suitable
for exposed mechanically fastened roofing system works
★ glass fiber reinforced inner membrane, good dimensional stability, suitable for exposure fully adhered roofing system, empty
shop protection systems, garage roof and other projects
1. Excellent physical properties
Soft PVC waterproofing membrane with high strength, high elongation, low temperature flexibility, good dimensional stability, more
suitable for use underground waterproof projects.
2. Long life, durability
Long Wei company developed the PVC waterproofing membrane, with a unique feature Party system, the first choice of good
compatibility, high plasticizing efficiency, Low volatility, low extraction, low migration of plasticizer system, so products have
excellent durability performance, and environmental protection -35 ℃ test strip under parts, coil does not rattle occur.
3. Good light and heat stability
Selection of long-term nature of light, heat stabilization system, while preventing under high temperature and sunlight coil
thermal aging and light oxygen aging, long-term use will not have a groundwater source environment and build cooperation as
4. Fungal resistance
Waterproofing membrane during use are exposed to all kinds of micro-organisms in nature, it is necessary to maintain long-term
resistance to fungal, PVC material itself undermine the action of microorganisms having a strong resistance, but the choice of
security the plasticizer has a very good anti-fungal;
 5. Excellent acid, alkali can
In order to make the products meet groundwater and concrete alkaline water,
Long Wei companies, especially developed underground product formulations, It has excellent resistance to acid, alkali, salt
corrosion resistance, and thus full foot overall water needs of the project.
 6. Environmental Adaptability Evaluation
PVC waterproofing membrane occurs under the action of light degradation, but in light PVC HCL off very slow, can not use the
general method to test, PVC waterproofing membrane temperature between -40--90 ℃, temperature adaptation wide range and resistance
to inorganic acids, alkalis,salts, but should avoid sulfide pollution, and away from heat.
 1. The mechanical fastening system
a. mainly used in light steel roofing, concrete roofing structures, precast panel roof and other water projects
b. construction fast, safe and reliable
c. less affected by the weather factors
d. low installation costs, high cost
2. Man whole system
a. mainly used in concrete structure roof, Basement other water projects
b. using the "Long Wei" special supporting adhesive, lasting bond
c. waterproof base flatness, damp rate required to achieve regulatory requirements
3. Empty shop protection system
a. mainly used in Master roof, planted roof, garage roof, basement and other water projects
b. construction speed, low cost
C. detail node positions to be combined with full bonding method of construction

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Welcome to Beijing Long Way Times Science & Technology Co., Ltd, the home of high-performance building materials as well as the innovation of service and construction process in China and your first choice for superior quality and unrivalled service.

Established in 2004, Long Way Times now is the member of Chemical Grouting Sub-Committee, Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, the Director Member of Waterproof Sub-Committee and China Construction Industry Association. The products developed by Long Way include AC-II acrylate grouting liquid (Patent No.20********2.7), MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) grouting materials, permeable crystalline waterproofing materials, polyurethane grouting materials, epoxy grouting materials and water-swelling water-proofing gel. Our products are of top quality among the domestic products.A number of performance indexes of our products meet current national standards and have reached the international advanced level. "AC-II liquid acrylate grout", one of the above-mentioned products, has won the Innovation Fund of Beijing Science and Technology Commission and has been identified as a product of independent innovation by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, Beijing Economic and Information Technology Committee, Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and other organizations. Our products range mainly includes: waterproof product system, grout product system grouting equipment system waterproof material system Excellent quality has enhanced Long Way's competence to enter into the international market.

Our products are produced strictly complying with ISO9001:2000 international quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system standards. With a number of high-quality professionals on scientific research, management and engineering construction and adopting modern enterprise management systems, our company regards integrity,innovation, efficiency and dedication as the corporate spirit, strives to produce high quality products and provides professional services to our customers. Our main markets are mainly America, European countries, Middle East, Africa, and some Asian countries, and our annual turnover is about USD800 million. Please contact us today for a quotation on further information, we are looking forward to your pleasure cooperation.

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