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Product Usage and Features

SYD-3536 Cleveland asphalt opening cup flash point meter

Cleveland flash point meter, suitable for The Cleveland Opening cup (REFERRED to as COC) measurement of viscous petroleum pitch, coal pitch and liquid petroleum pitch material with flash point above 79℃, to assess the construction safety.

1. Electric furnace heating power is continuously adjustable 0~1000W.
2. The heating wire is protected by transparent quartz tube, no flame and explosion-proof, and fast heating speed.
3. Quartz tube electric furnace heating device, no open fire, explosion-proof, power is continuously adjustable 0~ 600W.


Product Name
Marshall asphalt stability tester
Heating device power
0~ 600W
Sweep device
automatic sweep
Nozzle aperture
0.6~0.8 mm
Ignition source
gas (or other combustible gas for civil use)
Allowable recurrence test error
flash point 8℃, ignition point 8℃
Allowable recurrence test error
flash point 16℃, ignition point 14℃
Ambient temperature
10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Relative humidity
85% or less
410 * 330 * 225mm
4.75 kg

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