Осевой вентилятор 9238A водостойкий IP68 12 В 24


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9238A Waterproof IP68 dc cooling axial fan IP68 IP56 IP54 waterproof level fan 12v 24v 48v 

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Waterproof technology review

     Brushless fan have to working in severe envirment some times.Such as high humidity,high corrosion resistance envirment.Tkfan improve fan's waterproof performance continually.Our plastic cover motor can be used for these special project now. This kinds of plastic material called epoxy resin.It's same as the material used for integrated circuit package.For thes motor which have high speed, high power performance, we also adopt the thermal conductivity is higher thermal conductive silicone seal.We usually think of waterproof fan divided into IP55 and IP68 waterproof grade, IP55 waterproofing of waterproof fan or motor only has moistureproof function.Manufacturing methods commonly used in motor outer surface, anti-corrosion paint with antioxidant ability.
IP68 waterproof fan at present generally adopts vacuum coating or encapsulation mode.Vacuum coating process is to use similar to semiconductor lithography technology, used in vacuum vapor deposition way of deposits a layer of nanometer materials on surfaces.Film thickness is usually 5 ~ 30 microns.Coating process has advantages of good heat dissipation effect, fast batch manufacturing.But generally not corrosion nanomaterials, film will fall over time, the highest can be used in steam environment.After the epoxy resin sealing waterproofing fan can be corrosion resistant, water can shock, but the slow speed of manufacturing, motor cooling effect is not good, the price is generally more expensive.

The waterproof motor with Plastic cover




Special bearing used for waterproof fan




Motor with coating film



P - 1: The picture of wire welding parts after coating film under microscope
P - 2: The picture of component parts after coating film under microscope
P - 3: The picture of component parts after coating film under microscope
P - 4: The picture of coil surface membrane layer after coating film under microscope





Shenzhen tenkai group limited is a brushless motor product related enterprises in shenzhen city, the registered capital of RMB10.2 million, registered trademark TKFAN and TENKAI,has safety certification such as UL, CE, ROHS,Through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, no bad credit records. TKFAN mainly make high-quality brushless fan, brushless motor .Product series are tiny fan ,quiet fan,waterproof fan,high power fan,high voltage fan,long life fan,etc. Mini fan, generally refers to less than or equal to 3 cm length of brushless dc fan.Smallest size fan of TKFAN is 15 x15x4mm axial flow fan, the smallest size blower of TKFAN is 18 x18x4mm blower (2017).Throughout the industry, the smallest size fan is 9x9x3mm made by Taiwan SUNON, the size is only small as your thumb. Quiet fan, which are widely used in household appliances, car navigation, looked up lights, portable handheld devices, etc.Because of these devices application environment tend to be quiet, so this kinds of fan have to quiet with enough airflow.It is generally believed to solve this problem from three directions.Can promise the airflow and reduce the noise by change impeller structure, an important example is EBM company from Germany make a speacial low noise fan according to the principle of the owl feathers which is using in building ventilation;Second, we can reduce electromagnetic noise by using circuit drive with sine wave . Third,use special bearing, few years ago,TKFAN has already started to test and use ceramic bearing, pure copper oil bearing, special plastic bearing, various bearing is applied in special field, slowly get some success, hope we can do better in the future. Waterproof fan, is applied in some special fields.Such as sea cruise light heat dissipation, high power LED lights, outdoor household humidifier, industrial humidifier, etc.General component is IP55 moistureproof and IP68 waterproof waterproof level.IP68 waterproof generally divides nano coating process and two kinds of epoxy resin sealing process.Details refer to my company waterproof fan is introduced. We have large air volume/pressure test system, and 16db background noise test room.These test system can be used for your final product testing,and it''s for free.If you have other questions, please contact us, always welcome your guidance.

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Generally, information about Size,Air Flow,Voltage of required fans is needed in order to select a right fan for you and provide you a quotation.

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Yes, we sincerely suggest that customers should have some samples of required fans for testing because the truly performance of fans can be fully demonstrated after testing is conducted.

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Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.



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