Горячая Распродажа б/у бетононасос 1 мм 2 камень масштабируемый


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Product Description

Concrete pump
This product is used in the transportation of mortar and fine stone concrete in high-rise buildings. Various types of secondary structural column grouting, reservoirs, hydro power stations, ports and wharfs Pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation,reinforcement grouting, tunnel, etc.Backfill grouting bolt support in subway and mineconstruction. This product uses liquidPressure feeding, double cylinder reciprocating operation of vibrating screen filter can completely transport construction Various kinds of mortar, fine stone concrete and so on are used in construction. This product has displacement capacity. It has the characteristics of high pressure, labor-saving, material-saving, flexible movement and so on. It is a kind of principle. Think of mortar conveying equipment.

Motor power
Power supply
Physical dimension
Vertical height
Horizontal conveying distance
53 -83
Maximum particle diameter
Diameter of discharge port
Cylinder stroke
Diameter of material cylinder
Diameter of delivery pipe

Detailed Images

1. Adopt advanced S-pipe valve to change direction, which can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete;
2. The glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high-hard wear-resistant alloy materials, which have a longer life;
3. Imported main oil pump with high outlet pressure, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;
4. The hydraulic oil cooling adopts an air cooling system, which has good cooling effect and is easy to use;
5. With reverse pump function, in the case of bad concrete slump, it can minimize pipeline blockage;
6. Equipped with a centralized lubrication system, the lubricating oil is distributed to various parts to ensure the service life of the rotating parts;
7. The electrical box adopts Mitsubishi electrical components and is equipped with a wireless remote control handle, which is stable and easy to operate.

This product is widely used in water conservancy projects, hydropower projects, slope support, underground construction operations,foundation filling engineering, large group building construction column pouring and ordinary building mortar transport, secondary structural column irrigation.

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