Профессиональный трюковый скутер фристайл трюки Экстремальный самокат для взрослых


Цена:26,00 $ - 35,00 $*
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Описание и отзывы


Product Category: 
Pedal Scooter
Net weight: 
about 3KG
Applicable people: 
Scope of application: 
over 10 years old
black, red
aluminum alloy pedal + aluminum core PU wheel
Bearing range: 
about 100KG
Novice Guide:
1. Please start carefully, and always pay attention, do not start too fast in the early stage 
2. When you step on the rear wheel
brake plate, please gently step on to slow down, novices, please slow down and exercise more 
3. Please hold the handle tightly
when the speed is too fast, do not turn the handle greatly 
4. For extreme sports, please provide professional guidance, and do not do dangerous actions alone 
5. When you start to practice, please practice in a spacious place, and do not practice on a road with a lot of traffic

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