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Product Overview

Zhengzhou Lianke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional factory in the production of mini crawler track chassis dumper truck and other mining machines. This LK135 load one ton electric site dumper is one of our best selling products. It is popular in many countries and has won good reputation.now we have exported to Africa, Europe, United states, and North American. It has the advantages of wide application, large loading capacity, environmental protection, long work hours. It use electricity as power source, used in mining, brickyard, sanitation and cleaning.

Youtube video links for more details:
1. LK135 load 1ton electric dumper drive shaft with 3KW brushed motor---https://youtu.be/QV944HLhMmk
2. Lianke BRAND electric load 1T dumper used in mines display 3kw drive shaft---
3. LK135 electric mini dumper 3kw brushed motor drive shaft before delivery---
4. LK135 3kw motor drive shaft electric mini dumper production---


This dumper is a customized by our Peruvian customer. It uses the
1. Drive shaft rear axle
2. 3000W brushed motor
3. Double row shock absorption

Specification of LK135 electric mini dumper
Loading capacity
Net weight
Front tire
4.00-12(HUANYAN brand)
Rear tire
5.00-14(HUANYAN brand)
Overall size
can be 900mm width
Cargo box size
can be customized
12V*4 PCS=48V Lead-acid water batteries 80Ah/52Ah dry batteries------Standard Configuration 12V*5 PCS=60V Lead-acid water batteries 80Ah------Optional Configuration
Battery time
Charge time, First time is 12h, the next for 8h
Using time, 6 - 8h
Driving Motor
2000W Brush motor ------ Standard Configuration
Lifting motor
Red, Yellow, White
We can customize VIN plate information and logo for container order
Optional configurations
1.Motor: 3000W brush motor. 2000W/3000W Brushless motor 
2.Rear axle: transmission shaft rear axle or Direct-connection rear axle
3.Battery: 60V/72V Water battery or Dry battery

Our product

About the standard configuration of the electric mine dumper
We can provide different configurations for different customer environments. For example, the current standard configuration(Drive shaft rear axle with brushed motor) is suitable for various mines and road conditions. If the mine is located in high altitude area, we can provide the customer with direct-connection rear axle brushless motor or drive shaft brushless motor rear axle, which can reduce motor power attenuation caused by high altitude. Therefore, if your customer has specific use environment, you can tell us such as the altitude of the mine, the local temperature of the mine car, the slope of the mine, and the speed of the vehicle required by the customer, which will help us recommend more suitable products to the customer.

Customer Feedback
Our LK135 electric mining dumper are mainly for loading rocks, minerals, soil, sands, cement, and other goods. Especially used in mines, but it also can use in farms which is a good choice to save labor.

Drive shaft axle
The dump truck adopts the rear axle of the drive shaft, there is no resistance caused by the operation of the double row chain type, the operation is relatively stable, and there is no noise. The drive shaft can buffer the impact of the motor, and the motor is not easy to be damaged.

Driving motor adopts 60V3000W brushed motor with cooling fan which has heavy loading and prevent damage from overheating.
Lifting motor is 1000W
In addition, the main line has been upgraded to 8mm ², and all the lines are warpped with fire-resistand and flame-retardant cloth.

The controller has been newly upgraded, adding a black master switch and air switch, and bilingual signs in Chinese and Spanish are posted on the outside of the body and the controller.

Hydraulic controlling system
A: 1000w lifting brush motor,
B: lifting control rod,
C: Limit switch,
D: Hydraulic oil pump
The lifting brush motor combine with oil pump offer power to push the hydraulic oil moving to achieve cargo box's lifting and down;
The function of hydraulic oil is transfer energy, lubrication, anti-rust, cooling, etc.
The lifting control rod control the cylinder to automatic discharge the cargo, which is very easy to operate.
While the dumper add a limit switch which function is controls the electric signal, only the metal plate connects the end of limit switch, will the oil pump start up work.

F: 4.00-12
R: 5.00-14
Both are HUANYAN Chinese famous brand

12pcs of spring steel plate shock absorption
We have upgraded the thickness and width of the spring steel plate for our Peruvian customers, which has a stronger bearing capacity. The weight of the previous spring steel plate was 7.87kg. Now our LK135 it is 12kg, It can prevent the frame of the dumper from being damaged due to heavy load or overload.

Double front shock absorber
Shandong Shifeng (Chinese famous brand)
This shock absorption has a longer service life which is usually used in electric dumpers with a load of 2 tons or more, which has stronger carrying capacity and better shock absorption effect, and it is not easy to be damaged after long-term use.

The frame
The frame used by this mini crawler track chassis dumper truck is independently developed and produced by our factory. The frame is formed by a beam through an integrated bending machine, and the buckles are welded in advance for later wiring. The entire line is neatly routed and easy to maintain and quality assurance.

Company Introduction

Our company
Henan Pssroh company is a specialized manufacturer and trade of mucking loader machine and electric dumper truck, integrating development and production. We are holding this line for more than 29 years, with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.
We are a factory specializing in the production of electric mini dumpers, we have our own technical team and good after-sales service department, we can provide you with all the accessories on the dumper, if you want the spare parts of the dumpers, please contact us!

(1)The mini crawler track chassis dumper truck all parts quality assurance period for 15 months(after the goods arrived in the destination port). In normal use circumstances, there is any quality problem during warranty period, we will send the accessories freely for customers in next order's container after determine the damaged parts on receipt of your videos with dumper VIN plate.
(2)We will try our best effort to solve, whenever customers have a problem.

Packing & Delivery

FCL Delivery
For the order quantities more than 8 units, normally we advise to adopt full container load, full container shipment without any demolition, it's more convenient transportation and cost savings.


A variety of mining vehicles which can be customized, please choose according to your needs by whatsapp +86-15515991837

Contact information

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Whatsapp/wechat: +86-15515991837 Skype:live:cindy_4906
Website:www.liankemachinery.com QQ:1131657641

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