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Product Description

Clean room walls can always be customize to meet every need. Module width, module height, height of the glass, cutout sizes, etc. are variable dimensions.
Suzhou Pharma offers the widest possible range of clean room products. And if you need something outside the range on offer and want fully-customize dimensions, we can also make these as standard. GMP sandwich panels, aluminum alloy profiles, clean room clothes, led light, clean room floor, and window, etc

Advantages of our clean room panels.
1. Light weight: The weight per square meter is less than 24kg, which can fully reduce the structural cost.

2. Quick installation: light weight, plug in, installation and free cutting characteristics, determine its easy installation, can improve efficiency and save construction time.

3. Fire prevention: The surface material and insulation material of color steel composite core board are non-combustible or non-combustible materials, which can meet the require of fire protection regulations.

4. Refractory: The color steel plate treated by special coating is kept for 10-15 years, and then the anti-corrosion coating is sprayed every 10 years. The life of the plate is over 35 years. 

5. Beautiful appearance: the clear lines of the profiled steel plate up to dozens of colors, can match the needs of any style of building. 

6. Thermal insulation: commonly used insulation materials are: fiberglass cotton, polystyrene, honeycomb, etc.,low thermal conductivity, with good thermal insulation effect.


Color steel sandwich panel
Material of interlayer
Honycomb/Glass Magnesium/PU/EPS
Material of steel sheet
Color steel sheet
0Thickness of steel sheet
Double side 0.426mm PCGI
Color of top / back steel
Any RAL Colors,Usually White-gray/Sea blue/Red
Density of interlayer
Panel type
Machine panel / Manual panel

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


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