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Product Description

China Made xenon Xe gas with Best Price

1. Spec. 

Xe >99.9995%
N2 <0.25ppm
O2+Ar <0.25ppm
H2 <0.005ppm
CO <0.025ppm
CO2 <0.01ppm
CH4 <0.01ppm
Kr <0.01ppm
N2O <0.01ppm
C2F6 <0.05ppm
H2O <0.5ppm
SF6 <0.1ppm


2. Package  

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Company Information

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Quzhou Hangyang Gas Co., Ltd. is a leader producer of industrial gas & rare gas in China,

our parent company Hangzhou Hangyang Ltd. founded in 1950 is the largest manufacturer

of air separation unit over world.


Our production capacity is Liquid O2/N2 800 tons/day, Liquid Ar 150 tons/day, CO200 kt/a,

Neon gas 10000Nm3/year, Helium 3600Nm3/year, Krypton gas 350Nm3/month, Xenon gas

35Nm3/month. And now we are quickly expanding the rare gas capacity. 


We have ISO 9001/14001 certificate and we are supplier of some semiconductor giants such 

as Toshiba memory and Micron Technology inc. etc.  


We are happy to serve the global customers.

Our team

high purity xenon gas




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