Легкая установка недорогой Железный шестиугольный габионный ящик с пластиковым покрытием проволочная сетка габионные Настенные


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Welded Gabion Mesh, welded Gabion Box, welded Gabion Basket Welded gabion mesh is widely used in retaining wall structure, rockfall and soil protection and so on. Welded gabions are filled on site with hard and durable stone to form mass gravity structures. And welded gabions are more quicker and simpler to be installed than woven mesh gabions.
Welded gabion mesh is manufactured from cold steel wire with high tensile strength. It is electrically welded together then hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated, ensuring a longer life. There are galvanized welded gabions and PVC welded gabions. Gabion meshes are designed on the principle of mass earth retaining wall. The strength of the wire mesh helps to stand the forces generated by the retained soil.

1. Easy to install
2. High zinc coating thus anti-rust and anti-corrosive
3. Low cost
4. High security
5. Colorful stones and shells etc can be used with gabion mesh to make prappearance
6. Can be made into various shapes for decoration
welded gabion mesh is widely used for the control and guide of water; preventing of rock breaking; water and soil, roadway and
bridge protection; strengthening structure of soil; protection engineering of seaside area and retaining wall structures;
hydraulic structures, dams and culverts; coastal embankment works; architectural feature retaining walls.The main application as
1. Control and guide of water or flood
2. Flood bank or guiding bank
3. Preventing of rock breaking
4. Water and soil protection

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