Готов к отправке аутизм сенсорное обучение снимает стресс квадратная напольная жидкая плитка


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     Sensory Tiles, a new sensory experience — the liquid inside the "lava" will move when stepped or pressed, and the color can be changed. Causal teaching can also be carried out while playing sensory games! Stronger and more resilient than standard activity mats to ensure they are safer for babies and toddlers. Tested and certified for children’s safety. The liquid floor is filled with non-toxic liquid, which is environmentally friendly and safe.The top is textured so it is non slip and the bottom has a foamy non slip layer to make it both comfortable to walk on and make sure it doesn’t slide when kids are using it. At the same time, it helps to protect the floor and achieve a The bright and beautiful colors can easily attract the attention of the little ones, these are visual stimuli that can help them identify different colors. Speak out the color name aloud when jumping from one tile to the next, promoting language development.
6 colors/ set
50 x 50cm
Carton boxes
Ningbo & Shanghai
We have a series of sensory products, weighted toys, and fidget toys, welcome to inquiry.

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