Огнеупорный силиконовый муллитовый огнеупорный кирпич от профессионального


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Anti Spalling Cheap Hot Sale Fireproof Steel Casting Al2o3 refractory Silicon mullite brick

Silica motile has good thermal shock resistance, good high temperature strength, anti-erosion in the process of use, no peeling, no fracture, and significantly extended service life.The reason is that the brick surface temperature of cement turning through the transition zone is about 1400℃, while the softening temperature of silica motile under load is above 1500℃, which is enough to resist high temperature impact. In addition, the product structure is compact, and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance are particularly good, so it is an ideal brick for the transition zone.In addition, the brick has good thermal shock resistance and good thermal conductivity, which is required by the process characteristics of the post-transition zone, and its service life is 1.5 to 2 times that of the anti-spalling brick.Because of good wear resistance, good thermal stability, so the brick is also suitable for use in the cooling zone, life can reach more than two years, is the service life of the traditional high aluminum brick 3 -- 5 times.The service life of the kiln is up to 15 months after the secondary firing zone and transition zone are changed into silicon motile, and the output and quality of cement hot material are improved.




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ItemSilica mullite bricks
Al2O3 %656360
SiO2 %≤1820 
Apparent Porosity %202021
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥2.502.552.6
Crushing Strength C.C.S MPa ≥809095

0.2MPa Refractoriness under load  R.U.L ℃ T0.6 ≥

Refractoriness ℃179017901790

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How to further improve the high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance stability of silica motile is still being studied.Such as moderate in silicon mo brick introduction of zircon sand, in the high temperature burn, ZrO2 morphology transformation of micro expansion between corundum, mullite crystal micro cracks generated, can eliminate the thermal stress, thus improve the thermal shock stability of the products, not easily get peeling and off in use, also can improve the ability to resist erosion, so as to further improve the service life.In addition, the creep resistance, high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance can be improved by adding sillimanite, andalusite and kyanite into the high aluminum material.So the company in the silicon Mo brick as the leading products on the basis of zirconium Mo brick has been developed, joined the "three stone" series of modified silicon Mo brick can also be put into mass production.

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