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Generally, garage floors are easy to get dirty and slippery owing to oils and greases on them, so if you are tired of cleaning or want some precautions to minimize potential dangers, our rubber garage floor mats, as one of the best flooring solutions, will satisfy you taking advantages of its unmatchable features as shown below:

Superb resistance to oil, grease, antifreeze, salt and battery acid.
Anti-slip thanks to its patterns, such as ribs, round studs.
Providing ultimate protection against moisture, wetness and rugged weather.
Easy to be installed without curl up or lift off the floor.
Extremely easy to clean and maintain.
Never bunch up the tires during parking.
Durable and hard wearing without chip, crack or coming apart.
Noise reduction to form a noise free garage.
Shaped under high pressure - that means it’s also capable to remain its shape once applied to areas with high stress or impacts, whether it be commercial or personal garage.
Available in tiles or rolls to suit your scheme.

Products Description

Product Type:
Rubber floor mats
Fabric Type:
Black, gray, silver, white, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, gold and any other color.

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