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New design Liquid Vacuum Dryer Popular Household Dryer Widely-used Dog Food Dryer

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Main Feature:

1.The products are beautiful and fashionable and the dimension is small.

2.Operate on touch screen, one key start and automatical control freeze-drying process, easy and convenient operation.

3.Set and real-timely adjust freeze-drying technology by requirement and show the freeze-drying data and curve.

4.The imported key components are characterzied by low noise, great power, high quality and high performance.

5.Advanced system, small running current and low energy consumption.

6.Dish and inner tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which guarantees the safety of product.

7.Fast defrosting technique and automatic protection for overheat.

8.The transparent organic glass door is helpful in observing the freeze-drying process of materials.


Overall size: WxDxH (mm)400*500*700mm550*800*850mm720*710*1135mm
Net weight:(kg)72162kg220kg
Power supply:Single phase 220V,50Hz,750wSingle phase 220V,50Hz,1100wSingle phase 220V,50Hz,2300w
Food tray area: (cubic meter)~0.1~0.4~0.6
Vacuum degree(pa)101010
Temperature of cold trap(℃)≤ -40
Barrier layer W*L (mm)145*275mm,3 layer195*425mm,4 layer345*425mm,4 layer
Single batch of food:(kg)1~24~66~8


Before lyophilizationAfter lyophilization


Structure description


Freeze-drying operation process 
Step 1: Cleaning, tidying upStep 2: Slice or Dice


Step 3:place it flat on the material tray, and then put it into the freeze-drying roomStep 4: Set up the freeze-drying process and intelligently control the operation of the equipmentStep 5: Wait for the program to end, and take out the sealed package


Where can household freeze dryers be used?

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Payment & Delivery

01_081. Lead time
About 1 to 5 days for spot goods and 14 days for customized items, also depending on quantity.

2. Package
(1) Pack all goods according to customers' requirements, like putting item bar code, FBA label, and so on.

(2) Standard export carton (can be wrapped with non-woven bag)

3. Delivery
(1) By courier, air, sea, railway or land. If necessary, DDP can be handled.

(2) Shipping method is affordable and stable. We have advantageous logistics to USA, Canada, European coutries, Southeast Asia and
some African countries. Best shipping way will be suggested according to final gross weight and volume.

(3) Global DDP logistics service to FBA warehouse can be provided.

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