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Stainless steel super strong magnetic separator
Drum specification
One 220 * 600mm strong magnetic roller and one 100 * 600mm strong magnetic roller
Appearance dimension
Full magnetic / semi magnetic
Magnetic range
Motor power
1.5kw 220v Motors in different countries to be determined
Drum speed
Deceleration device
Stepless speed reducer

Product Description

Product advantages
1. Strong magnetic force up to 14000 gauss;
2. Belt scraper automatic iron unloading and semi magnetic drum combination;
3. Compact structure, convenient movement, high efficiency and convenience;
4. The application of reasonable magnetic range, adjustable speed and clean sorting.

working principle
This product is used to separate materials through the alternating change of magnetic field, so as to realize the process of removing iron from different materials. The purpose of super strong magnetic separator is to sort materials with high difficulty and weak magnetism, which can be sorted clean. Through the semi-magnetic drum, the drum skin rotates and the magnet does not move. In the process of magnetic separation, the material is adsorbed on the drum surface. When the drum rotates, the material rotates downward to the area where the semi-magnetic magnet has no magnetic field and falls off automatically. The purpose of magnetic separation is realized. There is a belt with super strong magnetic separation below. The belt is sleeved on the magnetic roller with a magnetism of 14000 Gauss, and the magnetic separation materials with weak magnetism are separated again.

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Company Profile

Baoding Tengbo machinery equipment factory is a well-known enterprise specializing in magnetic separation equipment. Tengbo machinery has long-term practical experience. After years of exploration, it provides customers with professional technology and product services. Through years of experience accumulation, we have experimented with many products that need to be separated in the market, provided suitable products for our customers and won the trust of customers.

The company's products have been sold to many countries at home and abroad, and has established a complementary and considerate service system, which has won wide praise from customers.

Main products:
At present, magnetic separation equipment is mainly used for aluminum pin, aluminum chip, aluminum shaving, aluminum foam and iron chip, pig iron pin, grinding wheel ash iron and impurity removal, copper meter, electronic foot, plastic, zinc ash, glass iron removal, casting, refractory, aluminum industry, renewable resources, nonferrous metal sorting and other industries.

According to the needs of customers, we can make all kinds of iron selection and iron absorption machines: Aluminum pin aluminum scrap iron absorption machine, aluminum ash aluminum powder copper meter electronic foot iron absorption machine, aluminum shaving iron absorption machine, broken material iron absorption machine, iron aluminum crushing separator, pig iron pin iron absorption machine, small magnetic separator, ground iron collector, iron absorber, magnetic sweeper, permanent magnet drum, strong magnetic separator, aluminum iron separator, copper iron separator, belt iron remover, hanging iron remover, Iron powder purification magnetic separator, etc.


Packing & Delivery


1. How about the quality of your products?
A: our products are produced in strict accordance with national and international standards. We will test each machine before delivery.

2、How about the warranty?
A: all our products are guaranteed for one year. An additional set of vulnerable parts can be brought to facilitate your replacement.

3. When is the delivery time?
A: according to the specific data provided by customers, the delivery time of our customized equipment is 15-30 days.

4. Service and payment terms?
A: we can accept T / T and L / C; 30% deposit and 70% balance before ex works delivery, which is international trade practice;
The finished product pictures will be provided to the customer before delivery.

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