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Products Description

Product Name
PCB Assembly Service
Telecom、Medical、Industrial Control、New Energy、Automobile、Robot、 5G Server、UAV
FR-4、High Tg FR4、High CTI FR4、Halogen FreeFR4、Copper Aluminum plate
PCB Layer
PCB Shape
PCB Size
PCB Thickness
Max Finished Copper Thickness (Inner and outer)
Min Base Copper
Min Drilling Diameter
Min Drilling Tolerance
Min Interlayer Tolerance
Min Line Width/Spacing
Min Space (Hole to inner or outer side conductor)
Min BGA Diameter
1-3steps Anylayer
Surface Finished
HASL、Lead-free HASL、ENIG、 Ni/Au Plating、Gold Finger、Immersion Silver/Tin、 OSP、ENIPG

Application field

Manufacturer service

PCB Service
ILINKGLOBE offers PCB production services from 1-40Layers Rigid,1-8Layers Flexible to 2-12Layers Rigid-Flex PCB. The materials include standard FR-4, High Tg FR-4, Halogen FreeFR-4, Copper& Aluminum plate, Polyimide, PTFE, High speed and frequency and so on.

Components sourcing
ILINKGLOBE offers components sourcing service. Components are purchased from Digikey,Mouser, Arrow, Avnet… for prototypes and reliable distributors for large quantities. All IC chips. transistors, crystals… are new and original. The quality of all components can be assured after 10years experience.

PCB Assembly
ILINKGLOBE offers PCB assembly services from prototypes to mass quantity production. Components ranges from 01005, BGA、LGA、QFN to DIP through holes. SPI, AOI, FA and X-Ray are equipped to ensure the quality. SMT stencil and cable assembly services can be provided together.

Programming &Testing
ILINKGLOBE offers programming and function testing services. Equipped with a SPI FLASH programmer using Type-C communication interface and ISP/ATE multiplexing interface, available for all kinds of SPI NOR FLASH, I2C/Micro Wire and other EEPROM. Function testing can be proceeded after receiving detailed testing instruction and documents.

Company Profile

ILINKGLOBE is a EMS service provider focusing on high-precision, high-reliability electronic products of "multi-variety, sample and serial production, fast delivery“.
Its based in Shenzhen, relying on the perfect supporting conditions and scientific research development prospects of Shenzhen's high-tech development.
We integrate PCB design, PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, PCBA samples and serial production in one-stop service, which can effectively improve customer R&D and meet multi mode production demands. The product filed covers Industrial
Control、Telecom、Medical、Automotive、Computer、Robot、Power equipment etc. The quality system certification obtained including the ISO9001、IATF16949.



1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a manufacturing company located in Shenzhen.

2. What does Ilinkglobe do?
We provide one-stop service for PCB design, PCB fabrication, electronic component procurement, PCBA samples and mass production.

3. What is needed for PCB PCBA production?
PCB(printed circuit board): Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material, surface finish treatment, copper thickness, board thickness…)
PCBA(printed circuit board assembly): PCB information, BOM, (testing documents…)

4. What file formats do you accept for PCB PCBA production:
Gerber file: CAM350 RS-274X, (PCB files are also available as long as you can export Gerber RS-274X and NC Drill files.)
PCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCB, DXP

5. Are my files safe?
Your files are held in complete safety and security. We protect the intellectual property for our customers in the whole process. All documents from customers are never shared with any third parties.

6. Which payment methods are acceptable?
We can accept a variety of payment methods, such as wire transfer, letter of credit, VISA and Western Union.

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