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Laboratory glassware high boro3.3 glass burette PTFE burette with ce iso

CNWTC Glass burette
1.Name:Glass burette
3.Material:high boro3.3 glass
4.Why you choose us:Best price,best quality,best service

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What is the Burette?
The burette is an instrument in chemical experiments and one of the basic instruments for volumetric analysis. A precision glass measuring device in the shape of an elongated tube.
A volumetric burette. The temperature and level are displayed at the top.
The burette is a measuring device, which holds the titrant solution during the titration operation and releases a certain amount of solution to the titration end point. The tube is engraved with a precise scale, which can accurately read the volume of the solution released.
Burettes are generally divided into two categories according to whether the piston is used or not: burettes with plugs and burettes without plugs, and they are also called acid-type and basic-type burettes because of the nature of the liquid they hold respectively.
Another microburette automatic burette

Titration operation

The burette needs to be cleaned before use. Generally, use distilled water (or deionized water) to wash 2 to 3 times each; if there is oil stain, first wash with lotion or detergent. Since the burette is a measuring tool and has a concentration requirement, it needs to be rinsed 2-3 times with the solution to be loaded. For the sake of economy, cleaning and rinsing adhere to the principle of small amount and many times.
After rinsing, the solution should be loaded and drained to remove air bubbles from the lower part of the tube. The stoppered burette can open the piston and discharge the liquid. For burettes without stoppers, bend the tip upward and squeeze the glass beads in all directions to push the liquid out of the tip and dislodge air bubbles.
The liquid forms a meniscus in the tube. When reading, look up and read, in principle, read the number of milliliters corresponding to the bottom of the liquid level. Looking down or looking up introduces parallax. Because the number of readings is required before and after the titration, it is necessary to discharge the liquid to the scaled part before the titration, usually to the "0" scale or an integer scale.
The method of discharging is that the stoppered burette can open the piston, and the unplugged burette squeezes the glass beads to create a gap between the glass beads and the rubber tube. In principle, the graduated side of the burette should face the operator, the piston should be controlled with the left hand, and the titrant should be dispensed drop by drop. However, if the approximate range of the end point is known during titration, the liquid can be quickly discharged to about 95% of the end point. Considering that rapid liquid discharge may cause the liquid to hang on the wall and cause inaccurate readings, wait for a while after liquid discharge to allow the wall-mounted liquid to flow down.
In order to precisely control the amount of titrant, one method that is often used is to dispense only "half a drop". "Half drop", that is, close the piston when a drop of solution has not completely dripped out, and then use the conical bottle mouth below to push the liquid down. The volume of a "half drop" of a constant burette is about 0.02 mL.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging:We use the bag to protect the glass test tube not broke.
Shipping:1.Sample is free. Clients need pay express freight charges. Sample delivery time is about 5-8 days.
2.Large cargo delivery time based on customer's requirements. Usually needs 15-30 days.

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Chongqing New World Trading Co., Ltd. is a large-scale international trading company established in the beautiful city of Chongqing. We are mainly specialized in importing and exporting Medical equipment, Lab equipment, Chemical products, Instruments and Heavy Metal.

Since establishment, we have developed stably and fast. Based on the well-established business networks and facilities, backed up by the staff with many years of experience and well cooperating with many Chinese reputable suppliers and manufacturers, we have created good business cooperation with clients in more than 50 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Asia, Africa as well as the Middle East.

"Customer first" is always the aim of our service. "Continuous innovation and looking into the future" is our target. We are trying our best to provide the best products and services for you. With your kindly cooperation, Chongqing New World Trading Co., Ltd. will have a beautiful future.


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