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Product Description

SPC-1006 polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend, especially developed for PU rigid foam insulation, applied with metal face sheet or non-metalic face sheet like Mgo, OSB, etc.
It contains sufficient quantity of blowing agent HCFC 141B to achieve the foreseen foam density. When SPC-1006 polyol and isocyanate (MDI) are mixed together using suitable equipment, the good flowability of the resulting foam makes it possible to achieve a homogenous foam density throughout the cross section of the panel. Foams which are allowed to cure for a sufficient time in the mould according to the foam thickness show good adhesion to the surface and good dimensional stability.
SPC-1006 polyol contains sufficient amount of fire retardant for the foreseen applications and the foams obtained by using it together with isocyanate (MDI) are classified as B2 or B3 according to DIN 4201 classification. It is recommended that a mould surface temperature of 40℃ is maintained during production.

heat conductivity coefficient:
moisture permeance factor

water absorption
closed porosity
compressive strength
flexure strength
oxygen index

Combustion rating


Flame prevalence

Vertical burning method
burning time
combustion flame height

The reaction time can adjust according to the requirements of the user.

The advantage of polyurethane flexible foam

This series polyol is a fully formulated polyol blend developed for piping insulation. Has the effect of noise insulation, thermal insulation, etc. Liquid flow smoothly, uniform density, good cell structure. Has excellent dimensional stability and good insulation properties at low temperatures.


When working, please avoid contact of polyol with eyes or skin. Safety glasses are suggested Skin contaminated with polyols should be washed with soap and plenty of water. If polyol contacts eyes, flush with plenty of low pressure flowing water or get medical attention.


1. Refrigeration and refrigeration equipment for household appliances and food industries
PU rigid foam is the most ideal thermal insulation material for freezing and refrigerating equipment, which can achieve better insulation efficiency.

Refrigerators and freezers are commonly used in households and food industries. The refrigerator and the refrigerator with PU hard foam as the heat insulation layer have a thin heat insulating layer, and under the condition of equal external dimensions, the effective volume is much larger than that of other materials as the heat insulating layer, and the weight of the electric appliance is reduced.

The PU hard foam has high strength and is poured between the shell of the refrigerator and the inner liner to form an integral body. There is no “heat bridge”, which ensures the excellent heat insulation effect of the refrigerator and the freezer. Hard polyurethane foam plastic insulation materials are generally used in household electric water heaters, solar water heaters, and beer barrel sandwiches. PU rigid foam is also used in the manufacture of portable incubators for the transport of biological products, pharmaceuticals and foods that require heat preservation.

With the development of fisheries and meat processing industry, these foods are often processed, frozen and refrigerated on site to reduce spoilage and improve resource utilization. The refrigeration and refrigeration rooms and large-scale cold storages of enterprises such as marine fisheries and meat food processing industries also use polyurethane foam as insulation materials, and are often assembled with hard foam metal sandwich panels, which is convenient and quick.

2. industrial equipment and pipe insulation

Many brewing, chemical, storage and transportation enterprises have different requirements for heat preservation and cold preservation. PU hard foam construction is convenient, sanitary and excellent in thermal insulation effect, and it is a good thermal insulation material.

Storage tanks and pipelines are commonly used in industrial production and are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, oil refining, chemical, light industry and other industries. In order to prevent heat or cold from being lost during storage or during transportation, cold/heat storage tanks and pipes must be insulated.

The shape of the tank is spherical and cylindrical, and the PU rigid foam can be constructed by spraying, pouring and pasting the pre-formed foam. It is more suitable for the spraying method of large storage tanks; it is also possible to first add a thin metal sleeve to the storage tank and then mold it by pouring. The regular shape of the cylindrical storage tank can be a process of bonding the pre-formed hard foam block to the outer wall of the can.

Storage tanks for storage of low-temperature media generally require a moisture-proof layer in the rigid foam. For the storage of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas cryogenic storage tanks (temperature below -30 ° C), PU rigid foam is placed inside or outside the metal tank, preferably using glass fiber reinforced rigid foam.

As a pipe insulation material, PU rigid foam is widely used in the insulation of pipelines in crude oil pipelines and petrochemical industries. It has successfully replaced water-absorbing materials such as perlite.

The hot water pipelines for central heating projects in cities and factories generally use PU rigid foam as insulation material, which requires long-term resistance to 100 °C. The main pipeline requires 130 °C or higher temperature. Some high-temperature PU rigid foam products have been Developed for such use. Central heating pipes are required to be buried underground as much as possible, and require a certain pressure resistance performance and a long service life.

3. building materials

Building construction is one of the most important areas of application for PU rigid foam. In the United States and other countries, the construction of PU hard foam accounts for about half of the total consumption of hard foam, which is more than double the amount of hard foam used in refrigerators and freezers. Many countries in the world have clear regulations on the energy consumption of building construction, which promotes the application of rigid foam in building construction. The annual consumption of polyurethane foam in construction in the United States is about 300,000 tons, accounting for 65% of the building foam market (the rest is polystyrene and phenolic foam), accounting for about 50% of the total PU foam.

In China, hard foam has been widely applied to the insulation and waterproofing of residential and office building roofs, thermal insulation of walls, cold storage, grain storage and other insulation materials. Spray hard foam for the roof, plus a protective layer, which has the dual effect of heat insulation and waterproof.

The metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich panel is made of flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam (two different formulations of PU and PIR), and the color coated steel sheet is used as the surface material, and continuously formed by PU or PIR foaming. And, also known as composite sheet. It combines light weight, high strength, heat insulation, waterproof and decoration. It is a multi-functional new building material that is easy to produce, construct and install.

At present, domestic metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, residential buildings, villas, movable board houses and combined cold storages, etc., for roofing and wall panels. Because of its light weight, heat insulation, waterproof, decorative and other characteristics, and convenient transportation (installation), the construction progress is fast, which is very popular among designers, construction and developers.

The PU hard foam is filled in the hollow brick, and can be made into a hard foam filled hollow brick, which has better heat preservation effect. It can also be made into PU rigid foam concrete. The density of this concrete block is about 200kg/m3, the compressive strength is 0.59~0.78MPa, and the thermal conductivity is about 64mW/(m·K), which can be made into large-sized building components.

PU rigid foam sheets can be made into a variety of folding mobile houses, which are used as temporary temporary rooms. For example, if the surface of a 10mm thick PU rigid foam is covered with polyethylene, it can be made into a folding house, or a PU hard foam can be used to make a full PU hard foam spherical temporary house.

Water conservancy facilities such as concrete dams need to adopt thermal insulation measures during cold winter construction, and PU hard foam can be sprayed on the new concrete surface as insulation layer. In the severe cold area, polyurethane insulation board can be used as the anti-freezing material for channel lining, which reduces the damage of the channel rigid lining material by frost heave and ensures the stability of the lining and the safe use of the channel.

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Our Company

Our company is located in Jiangyin City, north of the Yangtze River, Tai lake in the south, west of Nanjing, east of Shanghai, enjoying a very convenient traffic.
We manufacture polyurethane pu foam ( blend polyol / mdi isocyanate )raw material ,polyurethane adhesive, including both one component polyurethane foam and two component polyurethane foam.
We have a group of material engineers who have great experience in special pu raw material research. Our products get excellent market all over the world.
At present my company's products also have low pressure polyurethane foaming machine,high pressure polyurethane foam injection machine, polyurethane sealing strip casting machine,polyurethane foam elastomer casting machine,pu foam car seat production line, pu foaming wall insulation board production line, pu foam tile sandwich panel production line and other pu foaming automatic production lines, all kinds of Polyurethane related foam machinery.

R & D Team

Professinal R & D team provides polyurethane foam solutions according to client's requirements.

Best Team

Professional sales team provides 24-hour online consultation service and after sales service.

High Quality

High-quality products win the unanimous recognition of customers and are widely sold overseas.


Packing & Delivery

Packing and Storage

Polyol: 220 kg per iron drum, isocyanate: 250 kg per iron drum.
One set: 470 kg=220kg A+250kg B
One 20' container loads 40 sets/80 drums/18.8 tons

Moistureproof, ventilation, sealed storage, shelf life of 6 months.



1.Are you factory or trading company?

We are professional factory in PU industry with more than 10 years experience with many experienced chemical engineers can provide your any solutions of polyurethane foam need.

2.Where is your factory ?

Our Factory is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province.

3.How can i get your factory?

By air: You can take a plan  to WUXI  airport from China,  if you fly from Korea ,Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand you will can directly fly to us.

By Train: You can stop at WUXI station, Not WUXI EAST station. 

4.Do you provide pick-up service?

Yes, of course. If you are in Wuxi airport or station, we can arrange a special car to pick you up directly to our factory.

5.What kind of polyurethane foam do you have?

We have two kinds PU foam, polyurethane foam and polyurea foam. Polyurethane foam can be divided into flexible foam and rigid foam or open cell foam and closed cell foam.

6.What is the application of your PU expanding foam?

Polyurethane soft foam can make pu mat, pu car seat and headsets, pu pillow, pu stress ball and toy, pu earplugs, 3D leather wall panel and other customized products made from pu flexible foam. PU rigid foam can be used to produce pu trowel, pu crown molding, pu tire, pu bed sets, pu mirror frames and so on. We also sell integral skin raw material to make armrest, seat cushions and medical accessories.

In addition to the above, polyurethane foam can be also used to spray and cast for fireproof, waterproof, insulated, soundproof.

7.Does your polyurethane foam material have certificate?

Yes, we have certificate of liquid polyurethane foam.

8.What is the packaging of your polyurethane foam?

Polyol is 200-220 kg/barrel and Isocyanate is 250 kg/barrel. One set is 470 kg=220kg A+250kg B, one 20' container loads 40 sets/80 drums/18.8 tons.

9.What is your minimum order quantity of your foam material?

Our moq of PU raw material is one barrel.

10.Which kind of foam machine does this polyurethane foam suit for?

Spraying foam is suitable for our polyurethane foam spray machine. We also have polyurethane foam making machine and elastomer casting machine which can be used to produce any kinds of pu products and pu elastomer products.

11.Payment Term?

Normally we accept TT or L/C.

12.How to buy your PU foam material?

A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.

B:Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.

C:Thirdly customer confirms the PI and places deposit for formal order.

D:Fourthly We arrange the production.

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