Полностью под ключ 2000 л/ч Европейская эквивалентная система обратного осмоса для обработки морской


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Completely Turnkey 2000LPH European equivalent Quality Reverse Osmosis System for Sea water Treatment


Product Description



Completely Turnkey 2000LPH European equivalent Quality Reverse Osmosis System for Sea water Treatment

Seawater reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to eliminate a large amount of salts and other minerals from sea water using a method called reverse osmosis. The method of reverse osmosis consists of employing a high pressure pump to add high pressure to salty water forcing it through semi-porous membranes denying salts and other organics from flowing through. The ocean’s specific TDS and its temperature indicated the amount of pressure that needs to be added. The membranes are only tasked to remove dissolved solids while dividing the feed water into purified water and rejected concentrated salts.  The salts and other organics are thrown into the brine stream then flushed into a drain. At the end we have purified water that has 99% less dissolved salts. These sea water reverse osmosis systems have the power to purify extremely high TDS water.

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Sea water reverse osmosis systems are scalable from Yachts to Municipalities. These systems should be manufactured with a proper process design, and it is important to choose the correct materials of construction to handle seawater which is highly corrosive. Liquatech uses materials such as SS316L.  Choosing the proper material of construction guarantees a longer operating life and less maintenance. Liquatech supplies a full range of commercial and industrial sea water reverse osmosis systems, customized to the end user’s specific requirements.  


Liquatech Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems features advanced and high rejection Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. Liquatech designs are state-of-the-art, optimizing efficiency, reliability, product water quality, and overall low cost per unit of water.

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Main components of Completely Turnkey 2000LPH European equivalent Quality Reverse Osmosis System for Sea water Treatment

  • Pretreatment Equipments (Pump+PAC Dosing+Multi-Media Filter+Active Carbon Filter+Back Flushing+Antiscalant)

  • RO Skid (Cartridge Filter+HP Pump+RO Membrane+RO Vessels+Energy Recovery system+Chasis+Pipes and Valves)

  • Flushing&Cleaning System

  • Automatic Control System



We can supply various capacity seawater desalination plants which can be used for boats, yachts, and many areas where do not have potable water, like island.




Power consumption





L1.8 * W0.7 * H 1.6



6.0 kwh

L3.5 * W0.7 * H 1.6




L3.5 * W0.7 * H 1.8




L6.5 * W1.0 * H 1.8




L7.5 * W2.0 * H 2.0

Also can be individually designed according to clients’ demand


Packaging & Shipping


  4. Packaging, Payment, Delivery terms 

  • Packaging: plywood case or container

  • Payment: TT OR LC terms

  • Delivery: Within 20-30 days


Our Services


1. Raw Water Testing
Water treatment processes must be designed according to the quality of the raw water. This is the only way to ensure that the treated water can meet requirements and the water treatment equipment can serve well during its normal life. We has a world-class water treatment technology laboratory, which can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the raw water quality conditions. All you need to do is just sending us the sample of raw water, and then we analyze and test the sample for you without any charge. The analysis provides important data to support subsequent treatment process design and equipment production.

2. Water Treatment Solutions
We have more than 10 years of relevant experience in the field of water treatment. For those customers who are unable to provide raw water quality reports or samples, we can provide an accurate solution. If you are in this situation, you may just tell us where the raw water comes from. No matter it is underground water from deep wells, surface water, lake water, brackish water, seawater, tap water, industrial wastewater or city sewage, we can offer a satisfactory solution that best meet your individual needs.

3. Customization
We are experienced in water treatment equipment design and manufacturing, and we are able to produce customized water treatment equipment in many varieties, such as various tanks, filtration equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, Nanofiltration equipment, Ultrafiltration equipment, desalination plant, and deionization equipment.

4. Technical Data and On-Site Support
A full set of device-related technical information will be provided together with our equipment, such as equipment assembly drawings, installation layout, electrical control charts, PLC program, components catalog, operation instruction, maintenance manuals and so on. Meanwhile, for some customers who do not quite understand the water treatment equipment, we can send professional technical personnel to offer on-site installation and commissioning guidance, and trainings on operation and maintenance.



 Just contact me!  



Company Information


Company introduction:    

Liquatech Technology,has always been engaged in researching and developing advanced water treatment technique, and able to self-design and construct equipment or projects of seawater and brackish water desalination, sewage treatment plant. Our company owns a large number of experienced technicians and provides water treatment system with stable function and timely after-sale service and consultation for different demands. We have set foot in many industries, such as electric power, medicine, electron, petroleum, chemistry and food & beverage and are one of companies that can earlier supply water by acting on water quality (including of high quality drinking water projects, frequency conversion and constant voltage water supply system and intermediate water reuse projects) for residential areas, hotels, office, buildings, schools or stadiums. Now lots of experience has been accumulated on design, installation, and monitoring and after-sale service maintenance.

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1. Q. Are you a trading company or manufacture? 

     A:   We are leading water treatment system manufacture in China for more than 10 years  

2. Q. How long is the warranty of your equipment? 

     A:  One year warranty, in the meanwhile, after one year we will offer spare parts with good price, and provide newwork support. 

3.  Q: What are the main products of your company? 

     A: Borehore water, underground water, river water, lake water, brackish water, seawater treatment plant, and waste water treatment. 

4. Q:if you can produce SWRO Machine RO Seawater desalination machine? 

     A: Yes, sure

5. Q: If your company can offer customized service for clients' design, installation, or tranning service.  

     A: Sure,  water tratment technology are fexible, not fixed, we would like to produce equipment as per your reuqest.


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