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Product Description

ZLGJ-10_02.jpg Laboratory vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical industry and food and other fields. Freeze-dried items are easy to preserve for a long time, and can be restored to the state before freeze-dried and retain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water. It is suitable for laboratory use and can meet the requirements of routine lyophilization in most laboratories.

Product Parameters


Product ModleZLGJ-10(normal type)ZLGJ-10(Multi-manifold type)ZLGJ-10(Gland type)ZLGJ-10(Manifold gland type)
Freeze-dried Area0.
Cold Trap Coil Temperature≤-55℃(no load),≤-80℃(no load)
Ultimate Vacuum≤5Pa(no load)
Pumping Rate2L/S
Water Capture Capacity3-4kg/24h
Cooling Methodair cooling
Defrost Modenatural frost
Host Weight48kg
Host Dimension520x600x400
Total Power950W
Material Tray4pcs,Disc diameter: φ180mm, disc spacing: 70mm3pcs,Disc diameter: φ180mm, gap between glands: 70mm
Eggplant Flask/8pcs,100ml,150ml,250ml,500ml two each/8pcs,100ml,150ml,250ml,500ml two each
Working Ambient Temperature10℃~30℃
Relative Humidity≤70%
Voltagesingle phase 220V±10%  50HZ
Working Environment The working environment should be free from conductive dust, explosive, corrosive gases and strong electromagnetic field interference
Transport Storage Ambient Temperature50℃~-40℃

Product Details


Application Scenario

ZLGJ-10_05.jpgIt is widely used in freeze-drying of fruits, vegetables, meat, Chinese herbal medicines, health care products, etc.Industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, biological products, food processing, agricultural science, chemical pharmacy, medical units and powder drying and baking under vacuum condition in all kinds of laboratories. Especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitivity, easily decompose, easily oxidation material and complicated ingredient materials.

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