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90-355mm Thermofusion Welding machine With The Best Price And Quality




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90-355mm HDPE Thermofusion Machine/HDPE Jointing Machine

90-355mm HDPE Hydrualic Butt Fusion Welding Machine 




Welding Range(mm)

 90 110 125 140 160 180 200 225 250 315 355

Heating Plate Max.Temp

270 degree

Temo.Deviation in Surface


Working Voltage

220V 50HZ

Heating Plate Power


Planning Tool Power 


Hydraulic Unit Power


Total Power


Pressure Adjustable Ranges




Wooden Boxes

2 Wooden Boxes










1.  Quick Coupler:CE certification,using flat type,good sealing( Others use notched joints,easy to leak oil),insulating material,use safety;

2.  High Pressure Tube:High-quality material,oil-resistant and high-temperature resistant,anti-aging,soft and flexible,weather resistant,not hard in winter,external sleeve has a telescopic spring to protect it;

3.  Fasten Screws:Aluminum alloy,corrosion-resistant,belonging to consumables(give 2 for free);

4.  Pull Tab:Thick,chrome-plated,no rust,improve stability;

5.  Heater Separator:Fix heating plate when basic frame seperating the melted pipe and easy to lift the heating plate,improve working efficiency;

6.  Oil Seal:Durable,quality guaranteed,good sealing,fine polishing,smooth surface,no burrs,accurate size;

7.  Hydraulic Cylinder:Aluminum alloy material,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion,can withstand high pressure,with warning signs,use safety;

8.  Clamp:4 cm clamp,aluminum alloy material,anti-corrosion,long service life,stable fastening,precision grinding,positioning pipe is accurate,easy to operate,clamps can be disassembled to handle different specifications of pipe fittings




2.Timer:quality assurance,CE certification,(Sole)brand.

3.DigitalVoltmeter:high measurement accuracy,digital display



6. PressureReliefValve,

7.Pressure MaintainingValve are all CE certified,with high stability and long service life;

8.PressureGauge,sustainable pressure holding,sturdy and durable,good performance,pressure 0-16MPa,far exceeds the range of others(0-10MPa);

9.OilCircuitModule:the material is aluminum,corrosion resistant,good circulation,light weight and long service life

10.AluminumShellPure & CopperMotor:internal pure copper coil,energy-saving and durable,good stability,the shell is made of aluminum,impact resistant;

11.   Power Switch:Using the high quality switch of Delixi brand,the workmanship and performance are good,and the product quality meets European standards;

12.  Data Logger:The hydraulic machine can be connected to the data logger.It is completelyresearched and manufacturedin Thailand andexported to all the world,which keeps our data loggerhave the highest quality and best service in the same industry.


1. Blade:Carbon steel,strong and durable,double-edged edge,sharp blade,flattened pipe,and give apair of blades for free

2. Trimmer Plate:The trimmer plate is made of aluminum,by die casting,the surfacebecomes smooth,durable and anti-corrosion.

3. Die Casting Handle:Through the overall die casting,the handle is integrated with the basic frame and is more sturdy.

4. Pure Copper Motor:pure copper material(others are made of aluminum,easy to be burnt),the outer casing is made of aluminum,impact resistant.


1.RubberHandle:Made of high quality rubber material(others rubber handles are hard and easy to break)

2.Temperature Sensor:Wuxi Sole temperature sensor(others are thinner and more susceptible to damage);

3.HeatingElement:Jiangsu Brand, long service life

4.TeflonCoating:imported JapaneseDaikin Brand (Teflon)

5.Special Treatment Screws:anti-corrosion

6.Socket Connector:Brand:Hualuny.High-quality material,insulation and flame retardant,CE certification,can quickly connect the interface(others use the connector whichinternal plug is threaded,can not be quickly connected,and is easy to damage)

7.Chrome-platedRadiator:chrome-plated,corrosion-resistant,not easy to rust


1. Copper Core Cable:High quality copper core cable,low resistivity,good ductility and long service life;

2. Socket Connector:Brand:Hualun.High-quality material,insulation and flame retardant,CE certification,can quickly connect the interface(others use the connector which internal plug is threaded,can not be quickly connected,and is easy to damage)

Company Profile

  QINGDAO POLYFUSION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.Is a professional manufacture for 10 years in China.In 10 years manufacturer and exporting,we have much professional technicians and agents in many foreign countries,we sincerely hope all same fields friends and customers come to visit and do business in the near futurer.

  Our products including Butt Fusion Welding Machines,Workshop Fitting Machines,Workshop Cutting Machines,Electrofusion Machines,HDPE Fittings,Electrofusion Fittings,Plastic Sheet Welding Machines,Bending Machines and Rolling Machines.
  ISO and CE certificate can supply,strcictly produce and quality managment,makes our machines have high feedback and best markets.
  We do hope more business and chance with all of you,let's work together.


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Our warranty period is 16 months

We provide free spare parts,field installation,commissioning and training Video teaching


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