Контроллер artnet в режиме реального времени контроллер dmx512 8 и 16 вселенных совместимый


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Product Description

Working Voltage AC 110 -240V
Protocol DMX512 /SPI
Output Port 3/5pin XLR female
Campatible Madrix, Mad Mapper etc.
Pixels dmx: 8*512 pixels    SPI:8*1024 pixels 
Input Signal Artnet
Control mode Online Control
Warranty 2 Years
Dimension 483x200x88 mm
Product name Stage Lighting 8 Ports DMX Artnet Controller
Product Keywords dmx SPI Artnet madrit controller,dmx 512 spi madrix controller,8 ports dmx artnet controller

*Support chips(will more powerful than below support)
Support chips Max. support light Reamrks
International standard DMX512like: UCS512, SM512, TM512, GS512 etc 4096 pixels Suggest to carry 2400 pixels
UCS19**ucs29**ucs89**ucs1603ucs5603(UCS full series TTL/SPI signal IC) 8192 pixels Suggest to carry 4096 pixels
SM16703,09,12,SM16716,16726(SM full series TTL/SPI signal IC) 8192 pixels ——
TM18** series, TM19** series 8192 pixels ——
WS28**(WS full series TTL/SPI signal IC) 8192 pixels ——
GS8205,8206,8208 IC: 8192 pixels ——
P9813,9823,9883 IC: 8192 pixels ——
APA102  IC: 8192 pixels ——
SK6812  IC: 8192 pixels ——
MY9231  IC: 8192 pixels ——
GW6205  IC: 8192 pixels ——
INK1003  IC: 8192 pixels ——
LX1003,1103,1203 etc  IC: 8192 pixels ——

   Functional Overview

PI-8008A control system is based on the Ethernet Art-net protocol to achieve communication transmission, and the upper computer soft send multi-channel data in the form of DMX512 protocol sent to SPI and DMX lamps.

PI-8008A Control System Adopts High-Performance FPGA processor, data processing is efficient and stable, follows standard Art-net protocol, provides two RJ45 network interfaces, with other conventional network equipment, can achieve a variety of network topology.

PI-8008A provides eight standard DMX512 data output ports, a total of 8,680 data output and support for extended protocol, Art-net protocol-compatible lighting control software, it is widely used in LED lattice and stage lighting control system which needs a lot of DMX512 data. It is often used in TV station, stage performance and so on.

System characteristics:

1. Input Art-net Protocol, based on Ethernet control protocol, to achieve lighting control;

 2. The controller output supports the standard USITT DMX512/1990 and SPI General and extended protocols;

 3. Users can set up two different IP addresses;

 4. Different network segments can be set to avoid the interference of multiple groups of Artnet data in the same network

5. Accurate Gamma Correction Algorithm, more in line with the human visual sensitivity, display color more fully, rich;

6. Maximum support 120 frame change frequency to ensure high-definition screen display and 3D display requirements;

 7. Using Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol transmission stability, the maximum transmission distance of 100 meters;

 8. The LCD display module displays the controller parameters and status in time

9. Dual network interface, can realize the cascade between the controllers;

10. 8-port output, single-port Output Standard 512 channels, extended protocol with load point number by customers according to the characteristics of the Chip self-test;

11. Kilobyte adaptive or mandatory kilobyte can be set, to ensure that the large points of the project more stable;


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