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Yutai AZS zirconia corundum refractory brick for electric melting glass furnace

AZS series zirconia corundum refractory brick
Fused cast AZS refractory is also called fused cast brick which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Fused cast AZS block is made from pure alumina powder and Zircon sand (composed of 65% zirconia and 34% SiO2). After Alumina powder and zircon sand melting in electric furnace, they are cast into various molds and cool themselves down to become white solid. Because of the different content of Zirconia from 33%-41%, our fused cast AZS Bricks can be divided into three types AZS—33#,AZS—36# and AZS—41#.

Description of fused cast AZS refractory
Fused cast AZS 33# block has dense micro structure which ensures its great resistance in glass liquid, thus you don’t have to worry about the solidification and other problems. It is widely applied to glass furnace for superstructure, working pool side wall, paving blocks, feeder channels, tank bottoms, C-shaped block and doghouse crown,etc.

Advantages of fused cast AZS refractory
1. Compact microstructure
2. Good erosion resistibility to molten glass
3. Good thermal shock resistibility,high compression resistance
4. Barely rendering blister
5. A variety of formats and shapes for furnace different working areas
Different casting methods can produce various shapes and sizes AZS for different areas of glass furnaces.

Product Applications
Bricks are mainly used in the linings in decomposing furnaces for petroleum and chemical industry, as well as the chemical fertilizer industry. They are also used as high temperature kiln linings and furnitures in metallurgical industry.

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Henan Yutai High Temperature New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 and located in Henan, the main producing area of ​​China's refractory industry. Since the establishment, the company has gone through more than ten years of research and development, with in -depth research on refractory materials used in industries such as steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, thermal power, and oil refining, especially in the steel industry. A professional company integrating scientific research and development, product production, technology promotion and construction services has been formed. Under the leadership of the company leaders, we strictly follow the principle of "considering credit as benefit and valuing quality as life" and take it as the company's tenet. Since its foundation, the company has continuously won praises from users, and has been successively rated by the Henan Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau as the ''National Quality Management Standard Enterprise'' and by the C hina Enterprise Famous Brand Cultivation Working Committee and the China Quality Certification Center as the "China Quality Integrity AAAA Brand Enterprise", and it was rated as "Advanced Unit", "Major Taxpayer", "Contract Compliance and Credit Enterprise "and many other honors by the local municipal government!

Q1: How do you control your quality?
A1: From raw materials to finished products, we have gone through 21 spot checks, strictly in accordance with the quality standards, so that the products can achieve the best performance.
Q2: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A2: We are the real manufacturer, we can not only provide high quality products
The most favorable price, but also can provide the best pre-sale and after-sales service.
Q3: Do you offer free samples?
A3: Of course, free samples are available.
Q4:What's your lead time for Q4?
A4: It usually takes about 15-20 days after receiving the PO.
Q5: Can we visit your company?
A5: Yes, of course. Welcome to Visit YUTAI company and our products.
Q6: What is the minimum quantity of trial order?
A6: There is no limit, we can provide the best advice and solution according to your situation.
Q7: Why choose us?
A7: We have 30 years experience in the industry and can provide you with good technical service.

Yutai AZS zirconia corundum refractory brick for electric melting glass furnace
Yutai AZS zirconia corundum refractory brick for electric melting glass furnace
Yutai AZS zirconia corundum refractory brick for electric melting glass furnace

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