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Peroxide system FKM raw material  High Fluoride content



1: Additive of high Mooney rubber, O-ring, anti-extrution parts of product

2: O-ring made by compression moulding, injection moulding and imjestion, extruded hose

3: Calendaring sheet, skeldtal oil seal, extruded hose, etc.

4: General parts made by injection moulding, and oil seals, etc.

5: Parts made by compression mouldiong, high strength vulcanized products.


Main Applications

Widely used in high temerature, aviation, automobile, petroleum and chemical imdustries, oils lubricants, etc. Mainly used to produce gaskets, O-rings, V-rings, sealing bowl with metal bone, diaphragms, tube, valve-plate, rolls, etc.


1,Fluoroelastomer gum has good thermal stability below 260℃; It will minimally decompose when placed in the temperature of 260℃-300℃ for a long time; When hither than 320℃, it will quickly decompose, and poisomous HF and fluorocarbon organic compound are produced; When it meets fire, it also release poisonous HF and fluorocarbon organic compound.

2, FKM shouldn' t be calandered with metal powder (such as AI and Mg) or animine compound more than 10%. If that happpens, emperature will arise and several element will react with FKM, which will damage the equipment and operators.



vulcanizing system

Grade Name

Fluorine Content%

Special Gravity


Mooney Viscosity

ML(1+ 10, 121℃)

Processing method 

Peroxide system


701.9 25±5 Extrusion 
Peroxide vulcanizing,particularly suitable for medium-resistance and high-temperature steam occasions.



If there is no one suitable for your application,
please tell me your request. It can be customized accordingly.






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Company Information

Jiangsu FreChem Co., Ltd


FreChem is a professional research & development, manufacturer of high performance rubber compounds, special additives and fluorochemicals.


Starting from 2007, FreChem has now become one of the leading manufacturers of rubber compounds in China.

Thanks to our research & development capabilities, FreChem is able to provide highly qualified rubber compounds to global customers: Fluoroelastomer(FKM), Fluorosilicones(FVMQ),HNBR compounds, NBR compounds, EP compounds, SBR compounds and so on.


FreChem expects to offer best solution as well as customization in order to meet customers’ special needs. The equipment and special know- how used in production control guarantee that our compounds respond to the customer requirement and provide high consistency standards.


Our vision is to become an excellent partners with customers and we will improve and focalize our skill on final application to develop compounds with high added value.

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