Чистящие наборы для велосипеда набор кистей дорожная цепь колесо инструментов


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Cleaning Bike Bicycle Kits Brushes Set Bicycle Road Chain Wheel Cycling Clean Tools Kit

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bike cleaning kit
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* Easy to Clean Dirt--bristles are sturdy enough to clean in between cassette cogs, derailleur areas that are tricky to get into to clear the mud and dirt, perfect for most of your drive-train£¬long-term struggle all kinds of cleaning
* Different brushes fit for different parts of bike and motorcycle. With ergonomically designed handle, you will grip each brush comfortably. Efficiently and easily remove dirt from hard to reach areas
* Practical - This kit can do basic maintenance work when not ride, help keeping your bike new as before and even can be use as daily household cleaning tool
* Assortment of brush including: Bike clean mitt, 2pcs gear clean sprocket scraper, 2pcs gear clean sprocket brush, 2pcs tarpered detail brush, tire scrubber, 3-sided Bristles, duster cloth
* Apply to All Bike--like mountain bike, road bike, city Bbike, hybrid bike, BMX Bike, folding bike

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Q: I am looking to clean the grout on my kitchen floors. Will the small red brush do that? Is it stiff enough?
A: Yes. The brush is 100 percentage polypropylene, stiff enough.

Q: Do the attachments work with any drill?
A: Yes, as long as your 'drill' can be adjusted for width of the bit. They work with any drill that takes a standard bit.

Q: What are the sizes (diameter) of the two round brushes?
A: The small one is just under 2 inches & the larger one is slightly under 4 inches. The smaller one was perfect for bathroom sink and stove burners.The larger one for bathtub.

Q: Can one of the brushes be used on a fiberglass shower stall without scratching and dulling the surface?
A: No. We tested the green brush on a section of the back bottom wall first and proceeded from that point without any problems keeping the shower walls wet while using the brush.

Q: Which pack would be best to buy for removing hard water deposits in a pool ?
A: It all depends on the material of your pool.If its plastic it's best to use the blue or white brush.For a concrete pool I would say the black.For chrome and sensitive walls and items use only the white brush And for cabinets and kitchen stoves use the green.

Q: Does this work good on car rims without scratching them?
A: Yes, Itcan also used on fiberglass shower stall, it did Awesome and NO Scratches!! The small round brush worked best on wheels.

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